How effective is your time billing process?  Do you get your invoices issued without editing and paid without challenge?

Selling expertise and time can be viewed as ethereal. Often the relationship between the time booked and any tangible deliverables can be hard to reconcile and so liable to challenge.

Getting the right value invoice issued at the right time in a way that is acceptable to each and every one of your customers is tough. The process breaks down into a number of hurdles, each of which has to be right and timely. You need to get the right time modelled in a system, against the right rates; people need to be matched correctly to those rates; they need to fill in their time correctly and in a timely manner; the time they book needs to be justifiable against the contract or project; it needs to be added to invoices, with the right tax rules and without errors creeping in; the format of the invoice needs to match the customer’s requirements, with (often) the right purchase order reference; and lastly it needs to be sent to the right person (or people).

The process starts with sales, engages operations and project managers, users and lastly finance. With a disconnected architecture, it can span a number of systems, requiring manual data transfer, re-modelling and very often spreadsheets. PSA systems are designed to bring as much of this process together in one place as possible, but process breaks and poor communication can still introduce errors, even if your employees’ time compliance is good, which it very often isn’t.

What Harmony does differently

Harmony treats this as a single continuous process, from the sales opportunity, through the contract execution project modelling, change order management, time booking and approval, invoice release and payment.

In Harmony, nothing leaves the system, there is no double entry or manual transfer. Fast interactive navigation can take a user from an invoice all the way back to a sales opportunity with a full and open audit trail of all changes, logged and time and date stamped.

Billing Time Image

   Why does this matter?

Time billing errors cost money and reputation, manual processing delays invoicing and causes cash flow issues. Not invoicing the right amount causes revenue leakage and working for free is no way to grow a business. To manage this you need:

A world where you are confident that all billable time has been charged at the first available opportunity

A world where customers receive clear, correct, and fully supported invoices, making payment challenges unnecessary

A world that Harmony creates

Simple, accurate and fast time entry is key

Harmony provides a number of shortcuts to time entry that make the process of timesheet compliance as easy as possible. From contextual timers that drive time bookings directly, to auto-entry from event bookings, auto-entry of vacation and bank holidays to previous week copy-forward of tasks and even time entries, entering time could not be simpler.

In addition, Harmony allows you to submit daily or weekly, add standard or specific comments, choose activity types and locations plus book in hours or from start time and duration. The capabilities of our time entry are without equal.

10 Key features that ensure you always stay on top of billing your staff time

1. Fast, flexible, multi-level time entry model supported by timers and various auto-population options

2. User homepage dashboard reporting showing state of timesheet completion and performance vs utilisation targets

3. Sophisticated rate cascade structure that permits rate modelling against multiple criteria (location activity type, band, individual, time of day etc) preventing manual post-processing

4. Multi-stage approval process available, 3 stages possible including client approval on mobile device or portal

5. Time entry and approval available on tablet or phone for field staff, full notifications support empowers process

6. Simple change order processing - add time and budget to existing project as new task or amend budget on existing task(s)

7. Issuing of draft invoices is possible allowing review and amendments before posting

8. Unwind time booked/approved/released from invoicing screen permitting easy booking repairs

9. Partial credit note capability down to quantity on line level

10. Rich invoice and time backing sheet templating and line grouping options available with preferences saved at customer level

Harmony’s workflow permits amendments up to the point of invoice posting, providing practical real-world flexibility

No matter how organised your processes are, time bookings can go wrong and require amendment. Customer challenges are an inevitable part of professional services delivery, and careless employees make errors in their time bookings which are not always spotted, even by multiple stage approvals. To retain time records within a PSA system (as opposed to editing via spreadsheets) all the way through to invoicing, process repair capability is essential.

Harmony’s workflow allows centralised amendment management right up to the point the invoice is posted. After posting, it even provides the back-stop of partial “quantity on line level” credit notes, ensuring project economics are always preserved.