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Run your software business the way you want to with Harmony

Dynamic resource and task management

Juggling variable demand with a comparatively static workforce is a major challenge these businesses face. That and dealing with the inevitable scope creep that arises from customers evolving their thinking through the build process. Agile methodology obviously assists by breaking the build process into discrete pieces, however, maintaining a clear overview and smoothing out the peaks and troughs is still tough.

Harmony allows you to manage waterfall or agile methodologies with ease, and its team-based resource allocation model with portfolio drag and drop real-time re-planning creates and maintains the clear visibility you need to succeed.


Advanced support contract management

Support fees for bespoke development can be hard to track given the many changes these solutions inevitably go through. As the solution becomes more complex and functionally rich over time, your support fees should increase to reflect the impact of these changes.

With traditional time to billing solutions, it is more or less impossible to track, monitor and justify increments in your support fee invoicing.

Harmony’s “sale plus support” product capability makes tracking this simple. Whether the work is time and materials, FTE-based or fixed price, the incremental support element is automatically added to the support contract.

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7 reasons Harmony will join up your software development consultancy


Seamless lead to cash coverage

Harmony delivers your entire business in a single integrated workflow solution, single database and through a single log-on. Whatever you are tracking or need to discover, everything your business is engaged in is available on demand

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Service desk mapped to contract

Understand the margin you are making on your support contract by using the integrated service desk that automatically maps to your support contracts. Understand the profitability real-time

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Sophisticated project management

Harmony’s project and resource management with support down to task (feature) level makes project tracking and reporting simple. Combine T&M and fixed price in single projects, manage change orders with ease

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Integrated asset management

Model your cloud environments within the PSA, with knowledgebase articles tied to assets, centralised enterprise knowledge and improved support efficiency

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Balance sheet accounting

Harmony is the only PSA not based on an ERP solution that supports both work-in-progress accounting and deferred revenue recognition. No more spreadsheets tracking revenue, all this is done automatically by Harmony’s process model

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Flexible billing

Eliminate the need for off-line timesheet editing and manual billing processes. Harmony’s combination of time billing and billable time release makes billing management controlled and straightforward without leaving the system

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Custom notifications, APIs and Webhooks

If you need to integrate other solutions (such as JIRA) Harmony’s published and testable API framework make this straightforward and effective. API pulls to your BI platform enabling you to create your own BI environment to measure business trends without data mapping noise

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