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Run your business the way you want to with Harmony

Combine multi-year contracts with flexible projects

Harmony’s unique combination of contract and project working, combined with a powerful but simple workflow management capability allows you to design your business processes in a totally new way.

The contract-centric nature of Harmony’s business architecture allows you to manage multiple rate models and prices with ease. With full contract management and accounting support for prepayment working, retainer contracts, fixed price assignments, and time and materials with purchase tracking, you have a platform that flexes with you and different markets and against client demands.

Plus, the availability of real-time profitability by division, client and contract means you will always be on top of your pricing and delivery efficiency.

Combine multi-year contracts with flexible projects
Drag and drop dynamic planning and resource allocation

Drag and drop dynamic planning and resource allocation

Harmony’s portfolio Gantt view combined with team-based work allocations allows you to assign and re-plan work easily and effectively.

The ability to combine project team commitments with individual job assignments allows you to stay on top or the variable nature of on-demand job working while still hitting long-term project deadlines.

Plus, the ability to tie individual document ownership in a plan with earned value project accounting means you always have sight and early warning of delays and bottlenecks.

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7 reasons Harmony will structure, control and improve the throughput of consulting assignments


Integrated quoting and proposal text

Unlike many PSA tools, quoting is an integrated part of Harmony’s workflow, with products designed in families that can represent company divisional offerings

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Custom job designer

Harmony’s job object allows multiple types each with unique workflows, check-list integrations and type specific custom fields. This allows you to structure your practice and assure quality of delivery.

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Documentation level project tracking

If a job requires the generation of multiple documents or certificates, these can be progress tracked and allocated to multiple individuals.

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Project task templates

Are your assignments similar in nature with a typical set of tasks? Harmony’s project and task template capability means that even complex Gantts are quick to create and easy to edit

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PDF template designer

Need to produce specific highly formatted output as deliverables? Harmony’s PDF designs allow you to embed data from jobs customer fields into customer output documentation, also meaning information is full-text searchable.

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Integrated knowledge base

Enterprise knowledge is key to repeatable quality. Harmony’s structured and searchable knowledgebase allows you to deploy standards and industry data to all members of the organisation (and even customers) under publish controls combined with update notifications

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Custom notifications, APIs and Webhooks

Harmony’s combination of customer notifications APIs and Webhooks facilitates both custom integrations (for example with certification authorities) and workflow automation

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