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Flexible and effective task management

Cybersecurity companies break down long-term engagements into large numbers of short discrete tasks, often needing to schedule these tasks in collaboration with their customers’ information security teams. Being able to plan these out and understand the workload balance across their internal teams is key to maximising productivity and minimising downtime.

Harmony’s task management capability, splitting service tickets (if managed on a contract) or work items (if managed on a project), makes this process clear, simple and effective with scheduled tasks able to be dragged onto staff based upon availability by skill filter.


Full support for flexible prepayment funds

Many PSA systems limit prepayment funds to recurring monthly agreements because they cannot deal with the balance sheet dimension required to carry-over funds.

Harmony’s fund management model is not monthly time limited and can be denominated in time or cash.

Harmony’s ability to manage balance sheet accounting means that you earn the month in the month you do the work, unrelated to the invoice period. This provides the flexibility to establish long-term (even perpetual) funds that you can draw on as work is requested.

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7 reasons Harmony will power your cybersecurity consultancy


Combine project and contract-based work

Whether it makes sense for you to operate assignments under a single project or a long-term contract basis, Harmony doesn’t care. Both approaches adapt to your engagement model with ease

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Effective and powerful knowledgebase

Harmony’s knowledgebase allows you to publish information internally and also control information access to your customers on the portal. Knowledgebase articles can be included in published notifications

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Quality Assurance enforcement

Harmony’s tickets and work item workflows can incorporate stage-based checklist functionality. This not only underpins ISO9001 QA accreditation, it can assist with client environment access permission management

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Smart document generation

Harmony’s form builder allows you to generate structured documentation from data held on service tickets or work items including support for customer fields. This capability means you can produce formatted reports on tests etc with no rekeying

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Harmony’s support for multiple legal entities, multiple currencies and sales jurisdictions makes international working straightforward providing you with a platform that inherently caters for international expansion

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Customer groups

Harmony enables you to create customer groups and limit data access to those customer groups to internal teams. In this way, information about even the existence of the customer can be hidden from non-mapped teams

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Sitewide search capability

Harmony’s full-text search engine indexes all object collections, knowledgebase articles and ticket comment threads making information discovery easy and fast

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