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Flexible contract modelling and management

Harmony’s product engine allows you to define the manner in which you buy and sell cloud provision on a term and volume basis with billing cycle flexibility and banded pricing to facilitate volume discounts.

Harmony’s easy to use published and testable API framework allows you to write your own integration code to populate consumption billing lines from external measurement systems. This places you in charge of the periodic population of these contracts (mapped by external keys) and so eliminates billing errors.

Buy-side contracts can also be modelled in the same manner and Harmony’s payments management supports consolidated supplier invoice matching across multiple agreements.


Contract profitability available on demand

Profitability on break/fix contracts was straightforward. Achieving the same clarity on a complex mix of contracted and cloud services is much tougher and requires the accounting infrastructure Harmony provides out of the box, running in the background.

Harmony tracks revenue and related costs combined with the cost of time automatically. If you have any concerns over whether you have locked in the margin you expect, the data is available as a 12 month trend at a company, division, customer and contract level, a couple of clicks away.

Customer top and bottom ten account tracking on the dashboard enables rapid discovery of poor performing accounts allowing you to take remedial action fast.

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7 reasons Harmony will assist your migration into cloud service provision


Fully described contract terms

Harmony’s service catalogue enables you not only to sell in an infinite number of ways, it allows you to fully document all the terms and conditions of service, meaning the order form is a fully described contract

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Real-time profitability

Understanding the true revenue, costs and overhead time needed to support a contract is key to optimising your business. Harmony automates this process so contract profitability is available on demand

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Contract integrated service desk

Harmony’s contracts can contain multiple service lines or be per service item; the choice is up to you. Harmony’s ticket routing and parsing rules enable you to facilitate auto-mapping to contract, trapping support time correctly

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Volume-based contract model

Harmony’s product engine includes the concept of volume (or usage) based contracts, both on the buy and sell side. This enables the correct modelling of each cloud agreement with the correct related costs. Purchase management enables cross order payments processing

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Flexible billing framework

Whether you bill at month-end or every day, Harmony’s billing capability and bulk processing features make invoicing a breeze. Customer level templating allows you to adapt your presentation to suit your customer’s requirements

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Integrated knowledge base

Usage feed integration

Harmony’s published APIs allows you to feed data directly into consumption contracts or directly as billing lines, saving hours of manual processing and eliminating errors

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Custom notifications, APIs and Webhooks

Harmony’s combination of customer notification APIs and Webhooks facilitates workflow automation for the creation of objects (such as opportunities) based upon data held in the system or externally

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