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Quality assurance built in

The power of Harmony’s task/job management functionality allows you to design your processes with custom workflows against task types and include dynamic check-lists to provide evidenced quality assurance. Job workflows can also be shared with customers to create seamless certification achievement.

These jobs include client comment threading, document storage, scheduling and 5 completion reporting, direct cost and expenses tracking as well as timer-driven time recording and up to 60 custom fields keyed by job type.

This capability allows you to allocate, track, control, report and bill your work with close client engagement recorded in context.

Quality assurance built in
Need to find the right expert?

Need to find the right expert?

Harmony’s team scheduler with skill topic and level filters allows you to hone in on the right expert fast while also understanding what other work they are dealing with.

Drag and drop task allocation makes work assignment simple and fast with fully integrated notifications ensuring smooth communication across the organisation.

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7 reasons Harmony will structure, control and improve throughput of your certification work


Integrated sales order processing

Harmony’s close integration between the sales order process and projects means no rekeying, no mistakes, automated milestones ready for release and much more.

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Custom job designer

Harmony’s job object allows multiple types each with unique workflows, check-list integrations and type specific custom fields. This allows you to structure your practice and assure quality of delivery.

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Documentation level project tracking

If a job requires the generation of multiple documents or certificates, these can be progress tracked and allocated to multiple individuals.

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Company-level portfolio Gantt

Want to see all the work you are doing in one place? Harmony’s company Gantt provides a portfolio view of all your work, with dependencies, status bars and team workload allocations.

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PDF template designer

Need to produce specific highly formatted output as deliverables? Harmony’s PDF designs allow you to embed data from jobs customer fields into customer output documentation, also meaning information is full-text searchable.

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Client portal and knowledge base

Improve communications with your customers through Harmony’s customer portal where they can see jobs going on, add comments and also read knowledgebase articles, assisting their understanding of regulations.

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Custom notifications, APIs and WebHooks

Harmony’s combination of customer notifications, APIs and WebHooks facilitate both custom integrations (for example with certification authorities) and workflow automation.

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