Not all PSA software is built the same

At its heart, Harmony is designed as an intelligent contract system. Built around the specific contract terms each interaction touches.

The result? A professional services automation solution that understands the revenue and costs associated with each and every action. This means your business runs more smoothly - and analysis of your business performance is automatic and always available. In real-time.

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Run your business the way you want to with Harmony
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Unrivalled flexibility you can manage

Harmony is built with deep and unlimited configurability you can manage for yourself.

From process-driven Kanban boards you can build yourself, to a powerful date/time or event-driven system-wide notification rules engine; Harmony is a system where you can model and support your business processes quickly and easily.

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Maintenance free, enterprise-wide data

Crucially, Harmony owns and holds ALL of your master data centrally.

Update it once and it's available for a wide variety of tasks across your business functions. And not only is all the data you need housed in one place; maintenance on it is automatically managed by Harmony’s normal business process flows.

So you do the work - Harmony keeps the score.

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The most functionally complete PSA solution on the market

Unlike other PSA software Harmony is not a modular system, it's a cloud-based, integrated software solution.
All of the areas described below are available without restriction.
For one simple and affordable price.

Campaigns and Leads

Run your sales campaigns directly in Harmony. Simple integrations auto-create leads from your website, track campaign statistics and revenue through to close.


Track opportunities with multiple quotes, Harmony’s fully integrated sales lifecycle management means no rekeying or lost opportunities.

Quotes and Orders

From price-book driven complex product bundles to simple ad-hoc sales, quoting is quick and orders are passed seamlessly on to integrated on-line order approval.

Purchase Orders

Back-to-back purchasing, cross-currency if needed, comes automatically from the price book to order. Post-sales order editing gives you the flexibility to optimise your purchasing.


Totally configurable asset management, with bulk update capability, driving device-based billing models. Model assets the way you wish with more than 60 customer fields.


Harmony’s powerful contract management models recurring, pre-payment and consumption contracts with ease, automating billing and saving you time and money.

RMM Integrations

Harmony’s advanced bi-direction integrations permit asset sync, plus automatic ticket open and incident closure actions, to drive incident-based billing without fake time bookings.

Service Desk

The no-compromise service desk area interlinks with contracts, assets and tiered SLAs, enabling you to offer a la cart service models to fit your customers' needs precisely.

Knowledge Base

Communicate information with a Knowledge Base powered by full text search, user and customer level security, ticket specific, asset specific and viewable on customer portal.


Plan and run your projects with dependency driven Gantt charts, full RAG tile array, track costs, budgets and progress using EV methodology, combine fixed price and T&M in the same project.


Harmony’s time recording and configurable billing method mapping, underpinned by object-based timers, makes time recording a breeze not a chore.

Customer Portal

With the ability to write your own CSS, promote customer-specific content and incorporate smart tags with the integration of tickets, orders, invoices and statements, you can make the portal your own.


Internal, project, billable, reimbursable, multi-currency, intercompany, credit card or cash based, auto-tax treatment for external labour - the most complete expenses treatment available.

Invoicing and Payments

Harmony’s automatic invoice line and supplier payment line generation, driven by contract terms, saves hours in Finance. BluesnapTM and BACS integration are fully supported at no extra cost.


The only complete PSA tool with WIP, automated deferred revenue and prepayment contract accounting. Harmony’s finance automation means errors and spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Functional key:


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Plus full support across the platform

In addition to the functional area specifics above, Harmony has a wide range of cross-platform support functions to make your life easier and help your differentiate your services. These include:

  • A site-wide notification rules engine

  • Unparalleled service desk experience

  • Unlimited configurable Kanban boards

  • Configurable subscription reporting

  • Dynamic hyper-links

  • Email and calendar integration

  • A version-able document store

  • Full audit trail on all user actions

  • Customisable document formats and colours

  • A RESTful interface

  • Site-wide search capability

And Harmony also provides integration with other key tools you need to power your company

Supported integration infrastructure

  • Zapier endpoints
  • Dynamic hyper-links (permitting single click access to Teamviewer, Google Maps etc)
  • RestFUL interface
  • Scripted accounting interface

Run a multi-national, multi-currency business with ease

Harmony is multi-currency, multi-legal entity, multi-lingual (currently English, German and Spanish are supported. Dutch coming soon), multi-brand, multi-tax jurisdiction and multi-time zone. All these options co-exist in a single Harmony instance, so no matter how your business grows or evolves over time, you will not need to change your PSA solution.

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