What on earth were they working on?

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Suddenly one of your key employees phones in sick and unfortunately, this time they’re not going to be back tomorrow, they could be out for some time and unable to work.

Your first reaction is of course, concern for their condition.

But pretty soon this is replaced a worry about:

  • what were they working on?
  • what needs following up?
  • what actions had you given them?; and
  • who can you hand all this over to for other people to follow-up…

But mostly, where are all the records and how on earth can you handle this situation? In the process of which, what will be missed and which customers, prospects or suppliers will be left thinking you don’t care about their business?

This is a real world problem, dealing with an unexpectedly empty desk. But it may appear to be an unusual concern, not a day to day one, so why care?

Because the same situation can easily occur when someone resigns. Even if they work their notice, you’re busy and not necessarily managing their departure by working with them to hand stuff over.

To a lesser extent, a similar situation occurs when people go on annual vacation. How well was the hand over/interim cover managed before they left so everyone knows what to do while they are absent? More challenging still, who deals with new situations (that they normally deal with) created while they are away? Will everyone know who to hand those to in the interim or will new work just pile up until they return?

Actually, re-assignment and delegation are serious day-to-day concerns in business.

Making sure stuff doesn’t slip through the cracks matters, both to your reputation and income. With disconnected systems and/or spreadsheet-based processes this situation can be crippling and a great drain on senior management time. If everything is in a PSA tool at least you should be able to look it up. If, of course, there is an employee-centric view available. The trouble is, most systems don’t have this view.

We thought this was unhelpful. So Harmony not only has a consolidated cross-object list of all the items an individual is responsible for, it also allows you (or them) to temporarily delegate, or permanently assign those responsibilities to other people with a few clicks (and of course automatically notify them of each).

Then when they return, they can just grab everything back and get back to work.

At Harmony, we not only provide rich, deep and wide functionality, we deliver solutions to real world daily concerns that interfere with the smooth running of your business.

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