What is a PSA and why do I need one?

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It may sound strange, on the blog of a PSA system, that we should ask this question. It turns out that while we live and breathe PSA functionality all day long, there remain many people who don’t know what one does and why they should buy one.

So, here goes, PSA 1/1...

PSA stands for Professional Services Automation and it is software used by companies that make money by selling their expertise rather than goods (though confusingly, a lot of professional services companies also sell goods…)

The aim of a PSA system is to get everyone in the organisation singing from the same hymn sheet, hence the image. Often in services companies, different departments and/or functions have their own local solutions and data, meaning when they hand work to others, things don’t line up, things get missed, things get recreated and data ends up a mess. This results in everyone happily singing their own tune while creating organisational chaos when what you need is Harmony (see what we did there…).

If lining up data in your organisation is a problem, or if you wish to improve process efficiency, or if you are struggling to grow because admin is holding you back, then buying the right PSA system will definitely help.

There are many pieces of software calling themselves PSA systems so at first, the choice looks large, and a little confusing. How do you know which is the right PSA system for your business?

In the main, almost all PSA systems fall into two distinct camps:

  1. Those built around projects, for companies where billing is driven by project work; and
  2. Those built around service desk, principally for MSPs (managed service providers) who track their employees’ output via service tickets

But, if you sell license agreements as well as time, or need both projects and service tickets in your solution, the choice is suddenly very limited.

If you also see the sales process as an integral part of singing in key, again your choice is more limited still.

If you do multi-currency business, or operate a multi-company group, the long list of PSA solutions gets very short indeed.

Really, if any of these aspects are a concern and you truly want the whole choir singing in tune, the choice reduces to one.

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