Why we're aiming for a touch-free work to cash cycle

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2018-01-29 Last updated 2018-01-29 - 2 minute read

When we set out to write Harmony, we had a dream.

To build a business process management tool where every key-stroke adds real value.

A system that self-administers through the work you do.

A system supported by smart product objects that understand their own accounting behaviours.

A system that automates referred revenue calculations.

A system where balance sheet management in general is fully understood by the business process and so doesn’t need manual intervention or spreadsheets. And finally…

A system that contains such a high degree of automation that you just work and the system automatically provides you with payment for your services, directly into your bank.

Is it crazy to dream of such things? We thought not.

It has taken a lot of time and structure to achieve such a goal of total process automation, but finally it is within reach.

First we started with products that are self-describing from a billing and accounting perspective. They were in version one, but we were still cautious about further automation. People make mistakes, right?

However, our customers have encouraged us to deliver further automation, so we worked on:

  • Can timesheet approval be automated? - Yes
  • Can billable time release be automated? - Yes
  • Can fixed price milestones be automatically released on the planned day? - Yes
  • Can RMM auto-close events be automatically charged? - Yes
  • Can prepayment funds be automatically settled? – Yes
  • Can an order automatically build and populate a project plan? – Yes
  • Can I automate the generation of invoice lines on a device-based billing model? – Yes
  • Can I automate invoice payments via a service provider without leaving the system? – Yes
  • Can I automate the creation of a lead in Harmony from my website? – Yes
  • Can I automate intercompany billing across multiple legal entities? – Yes
  • Can I automatically attach the right expenses receipts on invoices? – Yes
  • Can I auto-close dormant tickets? – Yes
  • Can I automatically create external users on first email receipt? – Yes
  • Etc….

We already deliver the most automated PSA application on the market, why not go on…

  • Can I automatically invoice recurring payments? – Yes, zero-touch in our 1st Q1 release
  • Can I automatically bulk invoice all my services? – Yes, in our 1st Q1 release
  • Can I automatically process payments on the invoice due date? – Yes, zero-touch in our 1st Q1 release

But we’re not stopping there. This year we will deliver a model that takes a submit time action, bills it and collects the money: the first touch-free work-to-cash cycle ever in ERP or PSA software.

Now, we’re not sure anyone is going to go that far, but our goal is to make it possible and that goal is within sight.

So, if you are sick of spending your weekends invoicing and your evenings chasing payments, keep watching this blog for more announcements so that you can start living our dream.

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About the Author: Harmony Business Systems Ltd., a CloudBlue company, is the business behind HarmonyPSA, the most complete cloud professional services automation (PSA) software on the market. Purpose-built with functionality to simplify every need of MSPs and Professional Services Organisations, HarmonyPSA introduces a state-of-the-art PSA system built for today’s modern service provider. The platform empowers services organizations to scale recurring channel revenue and diminish operational complexity via its advanced product suite, which includes automated billing and reconciliation, an industry-leading customer support center and network operations center (NOC), real-time profitability analysis, and much more. HarmonyPSA is available globally. Follow HarmonyPSA on , LinkedIn or Website

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