The top 10 reasons a PSA will save you money and help you grow

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2018-09-19 Last updated 2019-09-04 - 2 minute read

Maybe you already have some idea that buying a PSA tool could save you money.

That notwithstanding, we thought we would have a go at presenting what we believe to be the top 10 reasons to buy a PSA system (OK, specifically Harmony) that can both save you money AND simultaneously drive growth in your business.

  • By eliminating duplicate systems; look around you and work out how many systems you are using to take a lead from your website and generate cash from it, including all the business support software that gets involved along the way. Then add up how much you are spending on all these systems. A good PSA (OK, like Harmony) will cost you less
  • By eliminating rekeying; how many bits of data get rekeyed in your organisation? All that pointless keying is costing you money. A business flow PSA (um, like Harmony) will remove the need for re-keying as everything is in one place, entered once
  • By eliminating re-work; all that rekeying is bound to introduce mistakes, some may be costly, other ones just take time to rectify. One system where data is only entered once may not remove mistakes completely, but it will eliminate transcription errors
  • By centralising your contracts; auto-modelling of contracts in the system that generates your invoices will save you an immense amount of time and improve the accuracy, timeliness and speed of your invoicing process. It will be quicker, no question
  • By raising the right invoices on the right date; how many times have you asked someone, “did we invoice xyz yet?” Poor timeliness on invoicing costs you cash-flow, increasing bank charges. Missing invoicing simply costs you money you’ve earned but not bothered to charge
  • By not missing or neglecting a lead; new business comes from leads and opportunities. Honestly, how good are you at following them up - 100% or not quite? A PSA system (like Harmony) where leads are auto-created and then tracked through to contract makes missing a lead if not impossible, certainly very hard
  • By helping you chase payments; centralising your outstanding invoices in a full business context means the likelihood of providing service to a customer that has not paid is easy to avoid and nothing will get them paying quickly like you refusing to service an issue because of overdue payments. Even better, if the PSA (like Harmony) has automated credit card collections, the issue will never arise
  • By helping you optimise utilisation; do you know what your staff are up to, are they working on billable work or wasting time with non-billable customer requests? How much revenue leakage are you suffering doing this non-billable activity? Do you know this in near-real time or do you have to wait until a week after month-end to see some analysis? How much money have you wasted by the time that report arrives? You do the math
  • By eliminating non-profitable accounts; if you can see all your revenue and costs in one place, without any data noise, broken down by customer and contract, without any manual processing or spreadsheets, you can quickly see who is drinking your life-blood and manage them away
  • By providing excellent customer service; the more responsive you are, the more flexible your terms are, the better matched your service delivery is to your contracts and SLAs, the more money you will make and the more you will grow

That’s why people buy PSA systems, and why the smart ones buy Harmony.

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