Release Notes 4.22

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2020-12-03 Last updated 2020-12-04 - 3 minute read

We are excited to bring you another exciting major release of Harmony. We have included the changes and features we have added in this article with links to the help articles related to each feature for an in depth walkthrough. 

Navigation Changes

Previously you had to switch views in Harmony PSA to see the navigation menu for Sales, Finance and Operations. V 4.22 amalgamates all these views into one, making it far easier to navigate around the system.

Originally the top menu bar looked like this:

image (3)

In 4.22 it looks like this:

image (5)

As a result there have been a small number of changes to the menu name. For example, Defaults in the Operations  Setup menu has been renamed to Operation Defaults within the Setup menu.


Project Costs

Project Costs allow you to enter then track costs against a budget. This is useful, as it allows you to see both the current and the incurred costs versus the budget amount, both on and across the project, not just when the costs have been posted to the accounts.  Harmony PSA can alert you when cost budgets are breached and when they breach a configured tolerance. Once created a Cost Analysis for the budget can be viewed in the Costs Analysis tab on the Project Overview.  For example:

Costs spent against budget

Earning Positions

Earning Positions are used to drive billing rates from the staff member position, by mapping rates to time bookings.

Earning Positions have to be created first, then assigned to an employee before they can be mapped.

Hierarchical UI for Categories

When creating tickets you will now see a hierarchical structure has been applied to the Ticket Category field. This means you can navigate to a category through a hierarchy rather than looking through a large list.  If you wish you to, you can still press the search icon and search through the full list rather than drill down through the hierarchy.  For example:

ticket catgeory selection


Click here for information on how to set these categories up, and here for information on how the categories are used once they have been created.

As always if you have any questions or issues please get in touch. 


The Harmony Team



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