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Release Notes v4.19

  • 6 minute read

At HarmonyPSA we have been working hard on Harmony version 4.19, bringing you many new features and fixes. We run through some of the major changes in this article.  You can access the full list of releases and bug fixes by clicking here.

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10 reasons Harmony is better than a Standalone Service Desk system

  • 2 minute read

If your business deals with customer queries, complaints or issues, you probably have some sort of help desk software.

If your business provides technical support, whether infrastructure, environmental or software, you will most certainly have a one.

There are dozens of SAAS-based service desk solutions available. It is probably one of the most common software verticals. Solutions are available for a broad range of requirements, with very different levels of sophistication and price disparity to match.

Given such a plethora of choice, why would anyone consider Harmony, which is not a service desk application but a business management solution that has an integral service desk?

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15 reasons Harmony is better than a standalone CRM System

  • 2 minute read

Every company needs a CRM. Indeed, it may be the first system a new start-up buys.

CRM systems are great - they allow you to track contacts, record interactions, add opportunities and give them statuses so you have a clear understanding of the potential business the sales team is working on, i.e. the new business pipeline report.

They are easy to use standalone systems that help the sales team organise their work. What could be wrong with that?

One of the common questions we are asked during our sales process is: does Harmony integrate with this or that CRM system? The answer is “No”.

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15 reasons Harmony is better than a standalone timesheet system

  • 5 minute read

Professional services companies use timesheet systems; they need to know what their staff are working on. Without time recording, how would they know how much to charge each month?

Given that this is the air these companies breathe and the app stores of the world are full to the brim with timesheets systems, it is surprising how many companies we speak to simply cannot get this process right without extensive manual manipulation and post-timesheet editing.

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How to collaborate on ticket workflows with your clients

  • 3 minute read

What are the challenges associated with a growing trend in the MSP world: partial technical support, or from a client’s perspective, partial outsourcing of their technology services?

With small businesses it makes sense to pass everything over to an MSP; large organisations will have the scope to employ a full team of technology support staff and keep the problem internal. The challenge comes where a medium-sized organisation retains some technical skills in-house (say desktop support), but hires an MSP for more specialist areas such as networks or security. Where they cannot afford the depth of resource necessary to cover a topic fully, they will outsource that aspect of their internal support to a specialist MSP.

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Adapting to the changes in the authentication landscape

  • 6 minute read

My last post was dedicated to the future of authentication. We discussed passwords, two-factor authentication and newer password-less authentication protocols.

Authentication is an important subject because, as of today, it is often a significant cost center for enterprises and MSPs.

A new survey conducted by Yubico suggests that employees spend around 11 hours per year resetting passwords. Based on the average headcount in this research of almost 15,000, Yubico estimate that the annual cost of productivity and labour loss associated with password resets per company averages £4 million annually.

On the other end, this activity is reflected almost 1-1 on an MSP’s help desk. As an MSP, you are probably spending time addressing access provisioning and password resets, which cuts into your productivity bandwidth and margins.

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What benefits should I expect from my PSA platform?

  • 2 minute read

At Harmony we probably take the benefits of using a modern and flexible PSA too much for granted, it’s what we spend our lives perfecting.

Because of this, it always comes as a surprise when people ask us what the benefits are.

We’ve written material on this subject before, but actually not for a while. So here are 8 key benefits you should expect from your PSA, assuming you have bought one that is correctly matched and aligned to your business.

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Release Notes v4.18

  • 8 minute read

At the start of a brand new year, we're excited to present you with our latest release of Harmony PSA. As always, we have included a range of changes from general bug fixes to new feature implementations and functional improvements. The major changes are explained in this article while you will be able to read through the general bug fixes here

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Which customers are making you money?

  • 2 minute read

There is a great (apocryphal) story about the company who invented the plastic Rawlplug, a very successful business.

When the CEO was interviewed by a business magazine in the 1970s about his stock control processes, he just pointed to a red line on the warehouse wall, saying,

“When I can see the line from my office I order more plugs”.  

Profitability for his business was a simple calculation of sales margin coupled with having enough stock in hand to deal with the variability in periodic demand: his red line on the wall.

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Feature Friday - How to automatically clear checks in your RMM on ticket closure

  • 1 minute read

Hi All

If you don’t want to switch back to your SolarWinds Dashboard after clearing a ticket in Harmony, you can now just use the v4.17 web hook addition to the Rules engine.

Define your trigger and your filters as you wish (if you categorise your MSP RMM tickets in Harmony, you will have an easy time):

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