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HarmonyPSA Combines Bulletproof Project/Resource Management Capabilities and Service Desk Within Newest Platform

  • 2 minute read

New Features in V. 4.21 Allows MSPs to Seamlessly Manage Projects, Talent and Other Resources, Providing a Holistic View of Their Business

LONDON—December 1, 2020—HarmonyPSA, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud PSA software, today announced its latest software upgrade, version 4.21, which offers enhanced project and resource management capabilities. Added to its already-available market-leading internal service desk functionality, HarmonyPSA is the only PSA provider to offer a truly intentional version of these features on a single platform.

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HarmonyPSA launches new Mobile Apps

  • 2 minute read

First-of-Their-Kind iOS and Android Apps Written Around Existing UI/Created Without Separate Code Equate to Superior Functionality that Mimics Harmony PSA on Mobile Devices

LONDON—January 21, 2020—HarmonyPSA, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud PSA software, today announced it has made available its new customer-centric PSA platform to licensed users of Harmony PSA as both iOS and Android applications, both available now and free of charge from the iTunes and Google Play stores. In an industry first, Harmony created the apps by “wrapping” them around its existing user interface, which means the apps offer largely the same comprehensive functionality as the Harmony PSA platform.

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Harmony Business Systems Appoints Alistair Forbes as Chairman

  • 2 minute read

LONDON— December 14, 2017—Harmony Business Systems Ltd., the company behind Harmony PSA, today announced it has appointed Alistair Forbes as the company's Chairman. He will also join Harmony’s board of directors. Forbes, a highly experienced and respected figure in the MSP space, will work with Harmony’s leadership team to apply his extensive knowledge in the managed services sector and experience in driving global growth as the company enters the next phase of its ambitious growth plans.

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Harmony Business Systems Ltd commences independent trading

  • 1 minute read

With effect from 1st July, HarmonyPSA will be developed, supported and marketed by Harmony Business Systems Ltd, a new operating company hived off from Datalogic Solutions Ltd.

HarmonyPSA was developed within Datalogic’s technology and consulting business as a bootstrapped (self-funded) programme. This meant financing the significant development effort and early adopter phase over the past 5 years using consulting and services revenue from Datalogic’s other work.

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