Meet Felix Ekman, head of Marketing

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Next up in our meet the team series is Felix Ekman, our Scandinavian giant of marketing (he's very tall). Felix has been at Harmony for nearly a year now and in that time has set about transforming our marketing with some very clever tech wizardy - for which he's been recognised in the industry, most recently being shortlisted in as Digital Leader of the Year in the Tech Leader Awards. Find out more about Felix...
Where are you from?
The fashionably minimalistic yet frighteningly cold and dark corners of the Nordics. Sweden to be more precise.
Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Harmony?
I'm Head of Marketing for Harmony, which means that I'm responsible for everything from our website and digital marketing, content strategy and partner development, to our PR and design efforts. I'm also usually the first point of contact for companies that wish to integrate with our product. 
What were you doing before you joined us?
I was responsible for marketing at another SaaS provider in the facility management sector, located in Sweden.
What made you decide to work in marketing?
I've always had a love for technology and especially the way things are rapidly changing. I think it's this last part that has drawn me into marketing for SaaS companies. I get to work in an environment where things are constantly being challenged and where you get to battle large competitors and put your strategies to the test. 
What do you enjoy most about your work?
That every week is different from the next and that I have to adapt constantly to new things and be agile in order to succeed. I also work with an amazing team that makes all of this possible. The product might not be glamorous on the surface, but getting to see how it helps businesses grow and take on new challenges is extremely rewarding. I'm amazed by what our team does every day and seeing how the product improves and grows rapidly energizes me to keep innovating.
Is there anything you've done at Harmony that you are extra proud of?
I'm proud of a lot of things that we have done on the marketing front since I started. Most of which we want to keep under wraps for our competitors. But one of the most bizarre yet fun things that I've done is to build a singing fish (Billy The Bass for all you who remember) that ties into our software and starts singing every time we get a new lead.
If you were given an extra day each week, what would you spend it doing?
I've got countless projects going on at home, I'd probably spend the day trying to finish each one of them. 
Tell us something about you that may surprise us.
I only learnt to speak English with a Swedish accent about two years ago as a party trick. My go-to accent is still Mid-Atlantic/Semi-American.
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