How to integrate Jira with Harmony PSA

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Hi All

This week we will take a look at our new Jira integration feature between HarmonyPSA and Jira.  This lets you:

  • Automatically create a bug ticket in Jira when created in Harmony
  • Update the Harmony ticket with any comments added into the Jira ticket
  • Update the ticket status in Harmony

This is really useful as this saves time from having to manually create the same ticket in Jira that already exists in Harmony. This will also be very beneficial for developers who would rather use Jira ticketing system. There will then be a link attached to the Jira ticket which is directed back to Harmony so that it will be quick and easy to book time against the ticket that you are working on.

If this sounds like something you need or want to try let us know so we can send you an invite allowing you to use the app!

What to do

First of all you will have to Login/Create a Zapier account so you can access the app. Once you have logged in you will need to connect both your Jira and Harmony accounts. 

On the homepage of Zapier you will see a tab that says "Connected Accounts" where you will see your connected accounts. If you have none connected, search for the App you wish to connect - this will then pop up a page to enter your details to connect.

Zapier Account-1.png


Then do the same for Harmony...

Harmony zapier.png


Once you have connected both accounts go to the invite we sent you and then click on the link. It should take you to a page that says "My First Zap with HarmonyPSA" with a button saying "Create this Zap". Go ahead and click on that button.

You should now have two options "Contact Created" and "Ticket Created". Select Ticket Created and click continue.

harmony Select ticket created.png



You should now be asked to connect to your HarmonyPSA account which we have already created. Select the account and click test to make sure it is able to connect.

 Harmony account connection test succ.png


Now you will be able to test and fetch the latest ticket from Harmony. You can see the ticket by clicking "View your ticket" which will show all the information pulled in from Harmony.


Harmony search for ticket test.png


We will now add a filter to the trigger so that only Bug tickets will be created in Jira. Click the plus on the left hand side of the screen which will then add the Action, which will get into in a bit. Above the Action circle is a smaller circle with a plus. This is where we will select the filter.


Adding filter.png


Once you have clicked to add the filter there is only one option: "Only continue if..." Select this and click "Save + Continue". There will be 3 fields to fill in. The first one will be a dropdown. You will need to scroll down and select "Type".


filter first drop down.png


For the second dropdown, select "(Text) Exactly matches".


2nd drop down.png


In the final field, add the work "Bug".

 3rd field filter.png


Now the filter will be tested and if the ticket that was fetched was a bug ticket you will get this screen. (If the ticket was not a bug it will not be the same but not to worry, this just means it won't have been sent to Jira).


bug ticket succ.png


Now that the filter is created we can move onto the Action. Click Continue when you have finished with the filter and it will move onto the Action section. The first step of creating the Action is selecting the App which will be Jira.


App selection Jira.png


After selecting Jira you will see four radio buttons. Select the "Create Issue" under the "Create" heading. 


jira create issue action.png


When you continue it will ask you to connect to your Jira account which we have already created. Click "Save + Continue" once you have connected.

You will then be asked to Connect to a Project and also an "Issue Type" - select "Bug".

For the Summary Field, select "Ref Number" then insert a hyphen and then select "Name" from the "Ticket Created" dropdown.

For Description, select "Body" from the "Ticket Created" dropdown. We have also put a link so that you can easily go back to the Harmony ticket. Replace "YourURLPrefixHere" with your URL prefix. For example if your URL for Harmony is "" your URL prefix will be "example".

We also need to add the "ID" value from the dropdown to the link we are creating. The "ID" value will replace "IDHere" in the link. 



Jira template.png


Click Continue and it will test and create a ticket in Jira. Log in to your Jira account and you will then see the ticket from Harmony created in Jira.


Jira issue complete.png


Now we have to create the app that allows information from Jira to be sent back to Harmony and update the existing Harmony ticket.

Go back to your Zapier home screen where you will see an orange button at the top saying "MAKE A ZAP". Then select Jira as your trigger app.


Jira trigger app.png


Then click on "Show Less Common Options" and select the "Updated Issue" radio button.


Jira show less common op.pngJira update issue.png


Connect your account and then click "Save + Continue". Next select the project and test it.

We will now create the Action. Start by selecting the Harmony App for the Action.


Harmony action.png


Once you have selected Harmony, select "Show Less Common Options" and then click on "Update Ticket".


Harmony update ticket.png

Click "Save and Continue" and connect to your Harmony account.

Now we have three fields we must fill. Under Ticket Reference, select "Fields Summary" from the dropdown. Under Ticket Status Name, select "Fields Status Name" from the dropdown and for Private Comment, add "Fields Comment Comments Body". From the dropdown, make sure you have a comment in the Jira ticket so that the value called "Fields Comment Comments Body" appears in the dropdown. We then will attach a link so that it will be easy to go back to the Jira ticket. You will need to enter the URL to your Jira account where it says "YourURLHere". We will also need to add the "Key" value from the dropdown into the link we are creating. This will be added where it says "Key" in the URL.

Here is the link which you can edit then paste into the "Private Comment Field". 

<a href="https://"YourURLHere""KEY""> <B>Link to Issue in Jira</b></a>

Here is what the page should look like when you have completed these steps.


Harmony template compl.png


You should now be able to run the test and if the ticket has been updated, i.e if a comment has been added in Jira, you should be able to see it in Harmony.


Comment added to Harm-1.png 

Now you can give the Zap a name. We have called it "Update Harmony ticket with Jira Information". Then turn the app on.


Zap on.png


Click on "See it on your Dashboard" where you will now see the two apps created. Make sure they are both on.


Bith apps on.png

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