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Using an integrated system to run your business has huge benefits. The ability to access all your records, from any device, anywhere and anytime, provides unparalleled data visibility and ensures that data is always aligned with the latest situation.

Your business probably started with spreadsheets and manual processes to glue things together, and now you have a streamlined operation where the system has automated your manual processes and becomes a key part of your offering to your customers. With all this information you hold on customers, finances, contracts and SLAs your next challenge is to understand your data and use it to drive business decisions.

Most managers and business owners will understand the need to receive regular reports and drill down into the data. This is a tried and tested way of staying up to date with the position of your business, your team and even your own workload. However, it comes with limitations. Almost as soon as a report is run the data is out of date and it is always presented in the same boring format where it can be difficult to identify trends and interpret what is put in front of you.

Here at Harmony, we have combined the flexibility and strength of Microsoft Power BI with our own APIs to create dashboards that show data in real time that is personal and meaningful. Power BI is a Microsoft product that connects to our database and presents data in eye-catching and easy to read ways.

Here are a couple of dashboards that we have on display for the teams in the office.

Ticket analysis

The ticket dashboard is configured to only display customer service tickets. We have calculated the average age of tickets (with the ability to see the top 10 oldest tickets) and also show a ticket count by customer in the last month. This helps us to spot customers who may require additional assistance with training or configuration.

harmonypsa power BI

SLA Analysis

Our SLA dashboard shows a bar-chart of the number of SLAs that have been hit or missed in the last week. A pie chart shows the percentage of SLAs that have been hit in the same period. For those tickets that missed the SLA we can drill down into the related tickets to investigate the cause for future improvement.

harmonypsa powerBI 2

With release 4.15, we have delivered a wide range of published, documented and testable APIs that will allow our customers to produce their own data extracts for BI use. For those who don’t know what an API is, using the APIs will give you the ability to query your data using a tool such as Power BI, run custom reports and create your own dashboards.

The list of APIs that are available can be found in Harmony by selecting your name (in the top right-hand corner) and selecting ‘Tools’ where you will find a link to the APIs. One of the wonderful things about this is that you do not need to use developers and the drag and drop interface is very easy to use.

The dashboards that you can create are limited only by your imagination so let your creative juices flow and give it a try. Please contact us for any questions that you may have or further assistance on using your APIs.

*Dashboards shown have been created using test data.

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