How Employee skills & vulnerabilities can help your services business?

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2020-01-22 Last updated 2020-07-01 - 2 minute read

The one thing all professional services business share in common is that, fundamentally, they sell expertise.

Expertise is a combination of both the company’s track record in similar problems and the skills of their employees. All of course residing within their process and quality framework.

Understanding the skills of your employees and applying that capability to what work you go after and once won, assignment of people to tasks, is therefore a key aspect of running a services business. In certain circumstances and for certain types of services business, demonstrating you have the skills to perform the work, in terms of employee backgrounds and qualifications, is even key to winning the work.

While companies will often record employee skills in HR systems, or even spreadsheets, that places the skill modelling outside the place where work is controlled: their PSA system.

Harmony is addressing this need in its new release (v4:20) with a feature that permits companies to enter and maintain a comprehensive skills and qualifications directory, all in the context of the work to be performed.

The data model allows companies to define their own skill topics, measured by level of capability, together with qualifications achieved, and map each employee to their relevant skill. Review dates can be set up against each topic record with reminders for employees to update their records when requested, important where qualifications involve license renewals. Each topic can be linked to a knowledgebase article that details what is needed to progress through the capability levels so ensuring clarity of the data and providing a basis for explaining capability to customers.

Skills matching can be used in task assignment, filtering the employee listing down to the relevant skill and minimum capability or qualification so that availability is presented through a skill window.

Reporting allows the user to view a full company-wide skill matrix, presenting a heat-map of capabilities and highlighting weaknesses and vulnerabilities, in particular when processing leavers. A further flag setting produces a unique listing showing the employees who have unique skills, key to developing training needs analysis which can be tracked using specific training tickets.

Making sure your organisation has the right depth of capability to tackle the work it is tendering and performing is an important and generally over-looked aspect in the PSA space. With this new capability, Harmony has addressed this need.

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