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We’re happy to announce another great major release with more features and improvements: HarmonyPSA v4.16. This blog post explains all the major changes and provides you with references to our help site for more information. 

Ability to Create Custom Events for Notification Rules

Prior to the 4.16 release of HarmonyPSA, rules engine used default events that are predefined to trigger notifications. However, these were not customisable or editable events and all entities were not supported by these events. Events in Harmony can be defined as user and system generated actions used to update entities and from the latest release of Harmony, we allow the users to create their own custom events.

The custom event types are divided in to three main types. They are: Changed. Increased and Decreased. You will be able to configure these custom events through Setup > Rules > Custom Events. Once you are in the Create Custom Event page, you will be given the option to pick the event type. The changed type will create an event when entity is properly is changed from one value to another value, When the changed event type is picked, it will give you the options to enter ‘From Value’ and ‘To Value’ as well.

The other two types belong to a category called Differed Custom Events which includes ‘Increased’ and ‘Decreased’ which are only for numeric and date properties. Increased allows to you create an event when entity properly value is increased, while Decreased allows users to create events when the entity property value is decreased. They both allow a ‘Differ By’ option to specify how much value increased or decreased by.

harmony v4.16 release notes1

Once the custom events are set up, you will be able to save them so they can be used when setting up notification rules. The events created will be saved against the entity. So, when you pick the same entity when setting up the rule, the custom event will be listed under the ‘Events’ drop-down list. More information about this feature can be found here.

Ability to Link Sites in N-central Integration

N-central allows users to manage complex networks with tens of thousands of devices from one platform and here at HarmonyPSA we have extended our integration with N-central a step further. Now HarmonyPSA supports the feature to import sites from N-central and link them with sites/customers that are pre-existing in Harmony PSA.

harmony v4.16 releasenotes2

We now support N-central integration under Settings > Site/Address section and you will be able to import the sites from N-central by selecting the integration from the drop-down list and pressing ‘Get from API’. Once you have linked the sites, they will be listed in the ‘Linked’ page. You can link the same Harmony customer/site to more than one external customer. More information about this can be found here.

Fund Usability Improvements

In HarmonyPSA v4.16, Funds now have a tentative balance which is affected from the moment you book time and before it is submitted or approved. Unlike before, you will see the fund balance in real time and this balance is visible directly on the timesheet when booking time (hover over the fund icon on the contract column), and on the tickets. There is also a provisional balance column on Funds now and you can also see the fund details with balances on the timesheet if the task is against a fund. The provisional balance can also be seen in the fund details under the Contract’ expandable section on the ‘Relationships’ box.

Fund balance on time sheet:

harmony v4.16 release notes3

Fund balance on ticket form:

harmony v4.16 release notes 4

Funds in HarmonyPSA has been given a few more enhancements when it comes to setting them. They now have the option to allow auto release to any outstanding top-ups to any fund when setting the fund. This is very useful when it comes to billing at end of term. It releases any unreleased credits for the period being settled when you settle the fund. In addition, prior to the release, when a fund was settled it automatically created an invoice. Now, it will only create invoice lines allowing the user the freedom to add more than one type of invoice line to an invoice without having any prior restrictions.

Furthermore, a bulk settlement feature has been introduced in v4.16 which provides the user with the ability to select more than one fund and settle them all at once with ‘Settle Selected Funds’ button. There is a ‘Fund Balance Minimum Threshold Quantity’ on the Legal Entity > Overview (by default set to 0). When the provisional balance goes below this number, an email is sent. This is created as a rule by default and will send the email to Contract Managers. Custom receivers can be added on the rule.

harmony v4.16 release notes 5

New Monthly Net Margin Report and New Columns on SLA Report

 There is now a new monthly margin analysis report available under Reports > Accounting > Monthly Margin Analysis. The report will output the gross margin and the net margin with all hours booked and cost of time per contract on a monthly basis. Some new columns have been added to the SLA report to include time in seconds as well as formatted as a timespan.

harmony v4.16 release notes 6

This makes the API easier to use in some cases.  Previously, the users would have had to use the journals and the earned/spent time reports to work out the margin and create reports externally on Excel or another spreadsheet software. With the help of the current release you will also be able to pivot the results with numerous aggregations and groups, which makes gathering financial intelligence a lot easier than before.

As always if you have any questions or issues please get in touch. 


The Harmony Team 


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