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In any business application, the homepage is a key area of real-estate. It provides an opportunity to inform, alert and communicate, while delivering fast access to work that needs doing.

Harmony has always had a clean and powerful homepage, but as the capability of the system has developed, we realised that there were features we could use to turbo-charge the user experience.

So, welcome to our exciting new user homepage, containing all the information you need at your fingertips, configured by you to save time and improve communication and organisational effectiveness.

This homepage delivers 5 powerful and configurable views, logically arranged to ensure you stay on top of your work and don’t waste time searching for vital information.

The views in the left-hand column are:

  1. Pinned cards: Harmony already has process-driven kanban boards that are fully configurable to your business. Now you can go a stage further as a user or team, you can pin a summary data card to your homepage showing either the object count (number of tickets approaching SLA for instance), where applicable, other statistics against the object. So, if you want to know the value of all orders in the month or the value of all overdue invoices, both are simple to create and edit (for multi-currency use, financial values are automatically summated in accounting base currency). Six cards are displayed but that does not limit their creation, you can create as many as you need. Clicking on the card takes you straight to the data list for further action
  2. Time management bars: below the pinned cards are the time management bars. Timesheet compliance is a problem all professional services organisations struggle with. The first of these bar reports shows direct access to all paused timers, the value of paused timers, the total time booked in the day and also in the week, while the bar header takes the user straight to their timesheet.   The second bar is used for employees with billable utilisation targets and shows the % achievement against their target. No more excuses for poor time records. It could not be simpler to maintain time record compliance
  3. Post feed panel: Harmony has the concept of selective followng of objects that are of interest to you or automatic subscription to objects with which you have a relationship (so account manager for instance). The post feed bar shows all activity posts being made against those objects, whether they are opportunities, invoices, projects or tickets in real time. Keeping informed has never been easier, facilitating rapid company-wide communications

The views on the right hand column are:

  1. Action Calendar: presents all your actions, events and bookings in continuous chronological order so you can see at a glance what needs doing and when. Alternatively, this can be viewed in a weekly or monthly calendar view - the choice is yours
  2. Notifications panel: Harmony incorporates a site-wide standard and custom notifications framework to provide automatic alerts and general notifications associated with rules set against all objects. These notifications are presented to the user, on the basis of their needing to be informed through the relationship they have with the object in question, and are displayed in the notifications panel. Notifications provide information detail and hyperlink access to the object in question

Thus you are able to choose what information you are presented so that you can always stay informed and act accordingly.

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