Harmony v4.14: Dynamic checklists

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In the old days you could check everything yourself. Life was busy, but at least you had the confidence from knowing the quality of work was up to your standards, because you either did it yourself, or used staff you knew who could do this stuff in their sleep.

But as your business grows, you find it harder and harder to be on top of every action. You’re hiring the best staff you can find, their CVs look great, their technical tests are fine, but the nagging doubt remains. Will they remember to check everything before they throw the virtual switch or will that site visit end with an irate customer on the phone, threatening to cancel?

Delegation is especially tough when it’s your business - doubly so when you used to do so much of the technical stuff yourself. With a business owner breathing down their necks, people get rushed, they get distracted, they forget things. It's human nature after all but it’s also your business!

The answer to this problem is dynamic checklists. Ticket functionality that allows you to enforce process quality standards without sitting on someone’s shoulder all day long. If you set out the checks that need to be carried out in order to move a workflow onwards and request a specific affirmation that each has been carried out, you can rest knowing nothing has been missed.

However, one of the problems with contextual checklists like this is that you can end up with too many versions and consequently too many ticket types to manage. Or the lists become too vague to be of maximum use. To deal with this, in Harmony, we allow a checklist stage to be skipped with a comment. This allows you to develop de-normalised lists (say across manufacturers) rather than needing a list per unit. We also allow you to make workflow updates conditional on completion, meaning your expertise is in the room with the tech, no matter where they are.

But, we didn’t stop with the service desk. Our checklists can be added to project sub-tasks as well, so the quality assurance concept is portable to new work as well as fixing faults or replacing kit.

One of the main cornerstones of ISO 9001 is process documentation and a key part of that is documenting the methodology for checking work. Dynamic checklists address this requirement perfectly and their use is thus a major step forward in achieving ISO 9001 accreditation.

If you’re losing sleep over whether your new staff are applying the quality standards and checks you believe are needed, there is a simple solution available.

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