Feature Friday - How to automatically clear checks in your RMM on ticket closure

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2019-01-09 Last updated 2019-01-09 - 1 minute read

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If you don’t want to switch back to your SolarWinds Dashboard after clearing a ticket in Harmony, you can now just use the v4.17 web hook addition to the Rules engine.

Define your trigger and your filters as you wish (if you categorise your MSP RMM tickets in Harmony, you will have an easy time):

<PICTURE SAMPLE RULES CONFIG (Entity: Ticket; Event: Ticket closed; Filter: Category = External system, External ref = Not empty)>

and trigger a POST via the new web hook functionality:


The dashboard URL is fixed for your region and should be known to you already, but can differ by region. 

Your API key is fixed for you and can be just put into the web hook URL plain text or inserted via dynamic tag. If not sure: You can find your SolarWinds RMM API key via your dashboard’s Settings>Advanced Settings menu.

The check ID is unique by MSP RMM check / Harmony ticket and can usually be found in your Harmony ticket’s external ref field, so just navigate to that field with your dynamic tags.

Now activate and see how checks get cleared automatically whenever you close your MSP RMM tickets.

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