Does your business flow?

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2018-04-09 Last updated 2020-02-01 - 2 minute read

This may seem an odd image for a business blog, but the analogy is very strong once you think about it.

The difference between a canal and a river is most obvious at a flight of locks. Canals don’t flow, rivers do.

So, which of the two does your business resemble most closely, the canal or the river?

We’re talking here about your internal control systems architecture. Think about new customer acquisition. Firstly they will appear in your CRM system, sometimes correctly populated, most often not.

But, once they have signed a contract and become a customer:

  • they will need to be created in your accounting system; then
  • if they are covered by a service agreement, you’ll need to set them up in your service desk platform; also
  • if you are running a project for them, the same will need to be done in whatever system you use to control your projects; plus
  • if time bookings are important, you’ll need them created in your time booking system; and
  • if expenses are possible, they’ll need to be recognised by your expenses system;
  • if you are managing their assets, the record may need to be set up there as well

Think of all this work as a series of lock gates on a canal. At each stage, the set-up empowers further actions all required in order to bring data back together again for analysis, invoicing etc. Multiple people will need to be involved, contracts (SLAs etc) set up, files opened, different data populated (is the invoice address the same as the service address for instance?).

Most business operate a lock-gate style of data population and data management. Multiple systems, multiple hand-offs, frequent mistakes, poor data alignment throughout the process stack = expensive, poor quality distributed data.

The result is often that the people who need to know or need to do work haven’t been told or can’t start because set-up is incomplete.

With Harmony running your business, the lock gates become a river.

Business simply flows from sales, via finance, to operations and so back to finance for billing. One continuous stream of activity with nothing rekeyed and hand-offs smoothly managed within the system.

If your business is suffering from a lock-gate mentality, talk to us about converting it to a river of business.  

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