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This is a reference list of features and bug fixes released in the last 10 Harmony releases.
For a detailed description of new features please keep an eye out for our more complete new feature announcements in our blog.

Harmony v4.25.0-15
#20210716.40 - Feature - Standard business model configurations
Include a number of standard set of business models to be used when configuring new instances.
Related To: Other

#20210726.19 - Feature - Ability to uplift T&M rates on bank holidays
Clock Definitions now have two date lists - "Include full Days" and "Exclude full Days". Both use date lists defined in Setup > Users > Special Date Lists. This gives the ability to tie-in non-working dates against T&M rates and Time Booking Rules. For instance, you can use a set of non-working dates and assign this to a clock definition's "Include Full Days". The clock definition can then be used against a Time Booking Rule with a different Usage Multiplier.
Related To: Billing,SLA

#20210719.29 - Feature - IT Glue Integration
IT Glue is now available as an external integration and supports the following operations: - Import / Export of customers - Import / Export of Assets - IT Glue Password Display New icons and tab was added to Customer Screen to display external details New icon was added to asset screen to display external asset details
Related To: Ticketing

#20210625.14 - Enhancement - Ninja RMM integration with new API
Ninja RMM API V1 External Systems can no longer be added. Ninja RMM API V2 External Systems can now be setup with automatic Customer, Assets and Sites/Addresses Migration
Related To: Ninja RMM

#20210714.28 - Enhancement - Make Location mandatory
Location can now be set as a mandatory field when creating a time booking, for a given legal entity.
Related To: Timesheets
Related Tickets: #20210622.20

#20210917.3 - Enhancement - API: Companies end point - Add column for Last Post Date for any related post
A new grid column, 'LatestRelatedPostAdded', that holds the latest date of any related posts has been added to the customers endpoint.
Related To: API

#20210624.6 - Enhancement - Reduce dependencies for Service and NightlyTask
Removing dependencies for for Service and Nightly Tasks
Related To: Other

#20210820.16 - Enhancement - OAuth 2 Issues And Enhancements
The the token management, error logging and error notification for generic OAuth2 authentication that is used within web hooks has been improved.
Related To: Rules,Webhooks

#20210813.14 - Enhancement - Hide change print options fields on a quote in CloudBlue Rev
In CloudBlue Rev, print options for products not available are no longer displayed.
Related To: Rev

#20210812.11 - Enhancement - Ingram TS search enhancements
Looking up products from Ingram TS can now be done using Ingram part number (SKU), vendor part number (VPN) or keywords relating to a product.
Related To: External System Integration,Orders,Purchasing,Quotes

#20210906.25 - Enhancement - Mass Update Auto Renew on Subscriptions
You can now bulk update the Auto Renew field on Subscriptions.
Related To: Billing
Related Tickets: #20210827.17

#20210820.6 - Enhancement - Allow users to create their own contract or select an existing contract when provisioning CMP orders
When provisioning new Cloud Marketplace subscriptions, you now have the option to either create or select an existing contract/project. This will be an option when processing an Order. The same option can also be found when provisioning in To-Do > Billing Release > Initialise Subscriptions > Subscription Lines > Cloud Marketplace Lines Awaiting Provisioning.
Related To: Orders,Rev

#20210831.14 - Enhancement - Mass Update of Contract manager field on Contracts
The Contract Manager field has been added to the list of options available when performing a bulk update under Activity > Contracts.
Related To: Contracts
Related Tickets: #20210830.18

#20210908.37 - Enhancement - Add additional fields to the All Invoices report
The following columns have been added to the All Invoices report: - Customer Bank Account Number - Customer Bank Name - Customer Sort Code - Customer VAT Number - Customer Company Number - Customer IBAN - Customer BIC - Payment Method
Related To: Reports,Rev
Related Tickets: #20210906.26

#20210903.5 - Enhancement - Invoicing Address as possible column in Invoice reporting
The Billing and Shipping Address columns are now available in the All Invoices report.
Related To: Invoicing,Reports
Related Tickets: #20210901.10

#20210907.18 - Enhancement - Add Customer Group field to both Ticket and Report/Ticket tables
Customer Groups are now available in To-Do > Tickets and Reporting > Tickets > Tickets
Related To: Ticketing,UI

#20210825.6 - Enhancement - Make Payment Terms available under Update and column picker on Customer grid
The Payment Terms column has been added to Resources -> Find Customers grid with the ability to perform a bulk update on the column.
Related To: Billing,UI
Related Tickets: #20210824.21

#20210825.36 - Bug - Timesheet error message appears in CloudBlue Rev when updating then saving employee details
Employee details in CloudBlue Rev can now be saved without an error regarding timesheets being returned.
Related To: Rev

#20210903.12 - Bug - Error displayed when selecting ticket type on the external portal
An issue with selecting the ticket type when creating a ticket via the external portal has been resolved.
Related To: Errors
Related Tickets: #20210728.34

#20210908.40 - Bug - Unable to upload PAYG subscription quantities and Expenses
An issue with uploading PAYG subscription quantities and expenses has been resolved.
Related To: Errors

#20210813.12 - Bug - Unable to edit sales terms for subscriptions on quotes for non Cloud Marketplace items in CloudBlue Rev
Non CMP product sales terms are now editable on a quote in CloudBlue Rev.
Related To: Rev

#20210831.6 - Bug - Remove unrequired documentation templates in Rev
The templates DefaultCustomTicketTemplate, Timesheet Approval Request, Expense Approval Request, Project Progress Report Internal Template, Project Progress Report Customer Template are not created when a new Rev instance is created Project is no longer an available option in the Document Template creation
Related To: Rev

#20210827.18 - Bug - Message queue is getting stuck when there is a long running command
The Message Queue should now process correctly, even if a message takes several minutes to process.
Related To: Other

#20210831.9 - Bug - Unable to process order when the project/contract used contains a rich text custom field
A rich text custom field on a project or contract no longer stops an order from processing.
Related To: Orders,Purchasing
Related Tickets: #20210823.27

#20210812.15 - Bug - Able to Edit Service level on quote lines in CloudBlue Rev
The Service Level can no longer be selected when editing quote groups in CloudBlue Rev.
Related To: Quotes,Rev

#20210609.47 - Bug - Documents tab sorting not working
Documents in the document tab are now sortable.
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20210609.36

#20210914.18 - Bug - Removing the last invoice line from an un-posted invoice throws an error
An issue, which meant that an error was returned if the last invoice line was removed from an un-posted invoice has been resolved.
Related To: Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20210914.17

#20210913.13 - Bug - Grouped order lines lose their position when rearranged
Grouped order lines no longer lose their position when they are rearranged.
Related To: Errors,Quotes

#20210702.15 - Bug - Small typo in Help notes for supplier upload
The word customer has been changed to supplier in the help notes for the supplier upload, located in Setup > Uploads > Suppliers.
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20210702.10

#20210730.7 - Bug - Remove reference to harmony in setup area
References to Harmony in the Setup area have been removed.
Related To: External System Integration,Setup,Rev

#20210819.17 - Bug - Quoted T&M allowing new sales units other than hours/days
Only hour/day based unit can be used when creating Revenue Mappings for Quoted T&M Contract line types.
Related To: Products

Harmony v4.24.6
#20210216.16 - Enhancement - ´Created by' field not displayed when filtering and when creating SLA reports
The ticket Created by field has been added to the SLA report.
Related To: Reports,UI

#20210806.10 - Bug - Knowledge Base Articles not saving code snippets that contain tag brackets
An issue with saving code snippets within Knowledge Base articles has now been resolved.
Related To: API
Related Tickets: #20210805.28

#20210818.26 - Bug - The 'Assign to me' ticket function does not work from the primary team
When selecting "Assign to me" on a ticket, it now preselects the users default team.
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20210812.17

Harmony v4.23.15
#20210910.7 - Bug - Unable to renew a schedule with a quote for fixed price support lines
An issue with renewing schedules with a quote that have related recurring support costs has now been resolved.
Related To: Schedules
Related Tickets: #20210906.20

Harmony v4.24.5
#20210720.30 - Enhancement - Speeding up queries around process boards
Improvements have been made to speed up Process Board queries.
Related To: Dashboard
Related Tickets: #20210728.14,#20210720.4

#20210804.5 - Bug - Validation when uploading csv files for invalid characters in utf
When uploading data show a validation message is shown if the csv file being uploaded has not been saved in either a UTF-8 or "CSV UTF-8" (Comma delimited) option in Excel
Related To: Other

#20210817.20 - Bug - CSAT Survey Does Not Work For External Users
An issue that prevented external users from accessing public document templates is fixed. Therefore, when external users are logged in and receive a survey email, they will be able to click on the link to the survey form and submit their opinion.
Related To: Other

#20210818.22 - Bug - API Retry Does Not Work After Waiting for Retry-After Time
The retry after time for API rate limiting has been updated to calculate the correct duration before another call can be made.
Related To: API

#20210813.11 - Bug - Contract's Brand On Grid Does Not Match Details Page
The contracts detail brand now matches the brand on the contract search list results
Related To: Contracts

#20210812.18 - Bug - Unable to bulk update discount for committed subscription lines on a quote
Discount can now be added on quotes for Committed Subscription, in addition an issue where the discount is set to 0 when updating the Quantity or Unit Price has been resolved. Note that the fix will only be applied to new quotes, or existing quotes that have discounts updated.
Related To: Quotes

#20210525.7 - Bug - Approve expense permission does not override approve own expenses
A new permission (/AllOperations/SensitiveHrOperations/AllowSelfApprovalOfExpenses) has been created to allow a user to approve their own expenses.
Related To: Expenses

#20210901.13 - Bug - Customers API Wrong Payment Terms
An issue that was causing the customers created by the API to have a 0 payment terms field has been resolved.
Related To: API

Harmony v4.23.14
#20210827.9 - Bug - Allow deferral breakdown to be created using GL Codes of Balancesheet type
An issue which meant that you could not initialise a supplier schedule line with deferral breakdown enabled and with an account code of type BalanceSheet into existing schedules has been resolved.
Related To: Errors,Journals,Schedules

#20210831.13 - Bug - Illegal Tab Character in Webhook
An issue which meant that Encoding JSON objects would fail when there was a tab character in the JSON has been resolved.
Related To: Rules,Webhooks

#20210819.16 - Bug - Cannot use bulk update in custom fields of type Lookup Address
An issue, which meat that custom fields of type Lookup Address could not be used when performing bulk updates has been resolved.
Related To: Custom Fields,UI
Related Tickets: #20210806.11

Harmony v4.25.0-13
#20210727.3 - Feature (Sponsored) - Ability to to select multiple teams in the team scheduler and assignment view
The Team field in Activity > Calendars > Team Schedule and Project >Project Plan Tab > Assignment View is now multi-select.
Related To: Projects
Related Tickets: #20210618.22

#20210721.25 - Enhancement - Product changes to Rev - Allow committed & PAYG subscriptions
Product items with committed subscriptions or PAYG subscription sales terms can now be created in CloudBlue Rev.
Related To: Rev

#20210806.2 - Enhancement - Expose CMP Subscription Id as dynamic tag for subscription invoice lines
Invoice line formatting for subscriptions (Setup > Documents > Presentation Settings) now have a CloudMarketplaceSubscriptionId supported tag that will retrieve the CMP Subscription ID.
Related To: Rev

#20210617.18 - Enhancement - Contract PDF Statement
A pdf statement of a contract's lines can now be generated showing the state of the active contract lines for a specific date.
Related To: Contracts
Related Tickets: #20210610.8

#20210726.25 - Enhancement - Sync CMP task should be moved into a scheduled job
Background process for syncing Cloud Marketplace subscriptions now happens every hour instead of once per day.
Related To: Billing,Rev

#20210715.2 - Bug - Able to import payments from other financial systems in Rev
Importing of payments has now been removed for instances with a REV licence.
Related To: Rev

#20210629.7 - Bug - System emails states Harmony
The group company email template container has been changed to state "Click here to login" instead of Login to Harmony PSA.
Related To: Customer Portal,Other,Rev

#20210813.15 - Bug - updating contact information via API Call.
Resolved Update Contact API endpoint error thrown when Title is not passed.
Related To: API
Related Tickets: #20210812.20

#20210813.16 - Bug - PO disappearing when updating Tax rate
An issue, which caused the Customer reference to disappear on invoices when lines on the invoice were updated, has been resolved.
Related To: Billing,Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20210812.27

#20210810.10 - Bug - PO G/L code keeps changing back to original one after changing it on the PO
An issue, which meant that the GL code drop down was not listing cost codes when a purchase order was processed from an order, resulting in the supplier invoice line not being created with the correct GL code from the purchase order line, has been resolved.
Related To: Purchasing

#20210809.9 - Bug - Some of the options for Contract Line Types in the Revenue Model Mapping Section of Setup > Finance > Revenue Model are not appropriate for Rev
When setting up Revenue Model Mapping for instances with a REV licence, the available Contract Line Types are Committed Subscription and PAYG Subscription.
Related To: Rev

#20210805.2 - Bug - Renewal Reminder Prompt text
The Subscriptions Renewal Reminder Template text help has been updated with the new location of the Renewal Due Reminder Days setting.
Related To: Templates
Related Tickets: #20210730.4

Harmony v4.24.4
#20210624.18 - Enhancement - Questions about restricting Assets : Add Asset type name as a class on the view asset page
A parent div with Asset type name as a class around has been added to the view asset page, so the field can be used in CSS.
Related To: UI

#20210813.8 - Bug - Move the Publish Changes text to be able to override the text
The text "Public Changes", shown in Knowledge Base articles that are in a status of published, can be overridden in the Label Override screen located it Setup > User Interface > Label Overrides.
Related To: UI

#20210806.17 - Bug - Unable to open a ticket when changing an SLA with a related target
An issue that prevented a ticket from being opened due to changing the SLA with a related target has now been resolved.
Related To: SLA,UI

#20210805.14 - Bug - Customer Portal Dropdown option logs external users out
The External User is now redirected to the homepage when selecting the company name in the user name dropdown.
Related To: Customer Portal
Related Tickets: #20210804.10

#20210729.25 - Bug - Creating a ticket from a Template Set with a Global Contract errors out
An issue, which mean that an error was shown when a service ticket was created using the template set on a contract has been resolved.
Related To: Errors,Templates,Ticketing
Related Tickets: #20210728.29

#20210728.6 - Bug - Unarchiving contacts should unarchive external user
Unarchiving a contact will also unarchive and link an external user with the same email address.
Related To: Other

#20210728.15 - Bug - Printing an order asks user to change state of closed opportunity
The window prompt that allows you to change an Opportunity's stage when carrying out various actions within a related Quote or Order will no longer appear if the Opportunity is already closed. This affects printing a Quote or Order, requesting client online signature, and processing a Quote into an Order.
Related To: Opportunities
Related Tickets: #20210728.5

Harmony v4.23.13
#20210811.2 - Bug - Quote Id missing in orders API endpoint
The Orders API endpoint now contains the ID and reference of the related Quote ('RelatedQuoteId' and 'RelatedQuoteReference'). Similarly, the Quotes API endpoint now contains the ID and reference of the related Order ('RelatedOrderId' and 'RelatedOrderReference').
Related To: API
Related Tickets: #20210811.1

#20210812.21 - Bug - Error when trying to generate renewal quote from schedule
When renewing schedules with a quote, the schedule lines can be copied when the lines are from a Purchase with Support included
Related To: Schedules

#20210810.7 - Bug - Incorrect Mark Up shown on Quotes for recurring charges
An issue with incorrect markup shown on Quotes for recurring charges has now been resolved.
Related To: Quotes
Related Tickets: #20210624.8

#20210806.12 - Bug - Unable to process an expense when staff member uses credit card from different legal entity
An issue with processing an expense that uses a credit card with a legal entity different from the staff member's legal entity has now been resolved
Related To: Expenses

#20210820.13 - Bug - Create Lead API Failure
An issue, which meant that the create lead API endpoint was asking for the company number, has been resolved.
Related To: API,Errors,Email
Related Tickets: #20210820.10

#20210607.19 - Bug - LoadConsumptionRates is not validating if the GL Code used matches the BuySell side
Add Account Codes (GL Codes) validation according the BuySell side on several uploads
Related To: Data Import

#20210818.15 - Bug - When creating a customer we cannot a select customer group
An issue that was preventing the system from showing the Customer Groups in the create customer page has been resolved.
Related To: UI

Harmony v4.25.0-12
#20210722.10 - Enhancement - Export invoices to Xero as draft
A new setting "Export Invoices As Draft" located in Setup > Finance > Settings allows you to export invoices as Draft to Xero if the setting is enabled.
Related To: Xero,Rev

#20210805.20 - Enhancement - Add 4.25 help link to the 4.25 version

Related To: UI

#20210618.15 - Enhancement - Remove use of abbreviations
Within the system 'Ref' has been changed to 'Reference' and 'Oppo' to 'Opportunity' . In addition, Ops Notes (To-Do > Invoices > Unassigned Credit Lines) has now been removed since this is no longer in use.
Related To: UI,Rev

#20210618.16 - Enhancement - Take billing cycle when importing subscriptions

Related To: Rev

#20210615.12 - Enhancement - Default setting to pro-rate up to for subscriptions
A new setting "Default pro-rate up to" has been added to Setup > Contracts > Settings > Committed Subscriptions. If set, a pro-rated billing cycle start date will be calculated by default when processing committed subscriptions. The setting is also used to to set the 'Pro-Rate Up To' date when importing external systems subscriptions.
Related To: Rev

#20210615.15 - Enhancement - Don't allow users to add costs to block purchase subscription and PAYG T&M contract line types
Back to Back pricing and Supplier costs are no longer available for Block Purchase / Block Purchase Subscription / PayG T&M or PAYGIncidents product items
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20210615.10

#20210210.22 - Enhancement - Add custom fields for schedules to schedule reports
Custom Fields can now be used in Reports > Schedules.
Related To: Schedules

#20210215.26 - Enhancement - Add part number to Product Tree View
If the product part number has been entered it is now displayed in the product tree when selecting products to add to quotes.
Related To: Quotes
Related Tickets: #20201223.14

#20210727.12 - Enhancement - API Endpoint for Unassigned Invoice Lines
A new API endpoint, getunassignedinvoicelines (GET version) or unassignedinvoicelines (POST version), has been introduced to retrieve the information of unassigned invoice lines.
Related To: API,Invoicing

#20210727.42 - Enhancement - Rename the combined product item upload file to 'product item combined'
The template and help notes file name for the 'Combined Product Items And Pricing' upload has been changed in order to prevent confusion with the product items upload file.
Related To: Data Import,Products

#20210623.13 - Enhancement - Add product uploads to import products from CMP
You can now upload CMP products in both CloudBlue PSA and CloudBlue Rev. The process is the similar to uploading subscriptions where an email is sent out with all products from active subscriptions which can be uploaded.
Related To: Rev

#20210721.16 - Enhancement - Activity > Tasks > Display company name
The customer column on the tasks grid now shows the lead's company name value when there is no company yet associated with the lead.
Related To: Leads

#20210720.3 - Enhancement - Only show unallocated tasks relating to the project being looked at, in the assignment view of a project
Unallocated tasks from other projects are now hidden in the Assignment View of a project.
Related To: Projects
Related Tickets: #20210618.20

#20210714.18 - Bug - Initialising supplier subscription line does not give you an option to select the billing type
When initialising a supplier subscription line you have the ability to select the Billing Type. Note that the Start Date, Billing Type and Generate Catch-up Billing fields are disabled if either of the Legal Entity settings, Generate Pay As You Go or Committed Supplier Subscription Charges From Customer Charges, have been selected.
Related To: Billing,Purchasing

#20210730.1 - Bug - Billing alignment pro-rates the line up to beginning of the end date
Fixed issue with how many days are used for calculating the pro-rated values
Related To: Billing,Contracts
Related Tickets: #20210728.32

#20210308.18 - Bug - Category / Refresh Bug
An issue that was hiding the category Combobox was resolved.
Related To: Ticketing

#20210702.14 - Bug - Uploading Suppliers - Website and Fax aren't possible
Website and Contact Fax for suppliers can now be uploaded or created via the API
Related To: Other
Related Tickets: #20210702.13

#20210715.3 - Bug - Calendar buttons displayed over fields on the Customer Accounting tab
The Calendar button no longer overlaps the form fields and the filter button in the Accounting tab on the Customer screen.
Related To: UI,Rev

#20210716.41 - Bug - CRM emails are not being processed on container installations
CRM emails are now processed direct from the message queue instead of a file in disk.
Related To: Email

Harmony v4.23.12
#20210720.18 - Enhancement - Outgoing Email: Add Retry for Transport layer Connection errors.
An automatic retry during sending emails when a timeout occurs has been implemented.
Related To: Errors
Related Tickets: #20210719.25

#20210722.12 - Bug - Updating a Task from the Actions&Events tab generates and error if the To date is not set
An issue, which caused an error message to be returned when a To date was not set when updating a ticket planned task, either from the calendar or the Action & Event tab, has been resolved.
Related To: Actions & Events,Calendar

#20210726.46 - Bug - Updating booking time for ovethead task in timesheet doesn't update the earning spent time table
An issue, which meant that earnt spent time for overhead task time bookings was not being updated when timebookings were unsubmitted and edited has been resolved.
Related To: Reports,Timesheets

#20210729.12 - Bug - Approval Expenses
An issue that was preventing the system from showing the expenses requiring approval has been resolved.
Related To: Expenses
Related Tickets: #20210722.21

#20210802.33 - Bug - Mandatory custom fields are validated when initialising payg/committed lines into an existing contract
An issue with initialising subscription lines (To-Do > Billing Release > Initialise Subscriptions > Subscription Lines) if there are any mandatory required fields for a Contract or a Project has now been resolved.
Related To: Billing

#20210723.8 - Bug - Cannot save Microsoft 365 calendar integration
An issue, that was preventing the exchange integration settings to be saved, has been resolved.
Related To: Calendar


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