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Last updated on 16/02/2019 15:33:14

This is a reference list of features and bug fixes released in the last 10 Harmony releases
For a detailed description of new features please keep an eye out for our more complete new feature announcements in our blog.

Harmony v4.18.5
#20190103.6 - Bug (Work Item) - User gets redirected to login page when missing permissions
If user doesn't have permission to access Activity -> My Activity -> Projects a message will now be shown instead redirecting to the log in page.
Related To: UI

#20190124.30 - Feature (Work Item) - Update to Email & Post presentation in the UI
We addressed a bug with File.Create where name of the file contains multiple dots. I.e V3.1.3.2.pdf would get truncated into V3.pdf. We enhanced the post and search post to show date time of the post and an icon to show if the post has attachments. Improved navigation usability by adding buttons to go to the previous or next post from within the edit post panel.
Related To: Actions & Events
Related Tickets: #20180920.13

#20190125.9 - Bug (Work Item) - Recurring action form
Fixes for recurring fields on add action form loaded from calendar icon on ticket details.
Related To: Other
Related Tickets: #20190125.8

#20190131.18 - Bug (Work Item) - Travel time display issue in non-timeline view
Removed the travel time highlighting from the non timeline view on the calendar.
Related To: Actions & Events,Projects
Related Tickets: #20190130.11

#20190201.10 - Feature (Work Item) - Extra columns for Account Activity
Added product family, product item and product group columns on Activity -> Journals -> Account Activity grid
Related To: Invoicing

#20190204.4 - Bug (Work Item) - Rate cards not showing the price on the quote and order details
Fix for bug that was causing the rate card items not to show the price on Quote and Order details page.
Related To: Orders,Quotes

#20190205.18 - Bug (Work Item) - Time based billing release screen dropdwon
Fix for display bug which was causing a cancelled customer to be displayed in the customer dropdown on the Billing Release -> Time screen"
Related To: Billing,Timesheets
Related Tickets: #20190204.31

#20190205.31 - Bug (Work Item) - Calendar Schedule options
Fixed calendar schedule types list on action/event for a workitem
Related To: Actions & Events,Setup
Related Tickets: #20190205.27

#20190206.12 - Bug (Work Item) - Internal Contact Invoice CC
Fix for broken functionality of including internal contact in cc when "Cc Invoices To" is used for the invoice email.
Related To: Email,Invoicing,Setup
Related Tickets: #20190205.37

#20190206.14 - Bug (Work Item) - Tax Code data import
Fixes for tax codes and expense categories data imports.
Related To: Data Import

#20190207.3 - Bug (Work Item) - Employee Remittance date
- Allowed to set Invoice date on Supplier Invoices and Employee Remittance
Related To: Expenses,Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190206.18

#20190207.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Ticket charges release error
Fixes for server error when trying to release ticket charge event with use available block purchases to true
Related To: Invoicing,Ticketing
Related Tickets: #20190207.4

#20190207.18 - Feature (Work Item) - Make the category dropdown on ticket creation a type ahead
The Category dropdown on ticket create and edit is now a type-ahead dropdown. This is better for navigating large lists.
Related To: Ticketing

#20190208.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Related Tickets Tab is Slow
The related tickets tab when looking at a ticket was running slowly. The query has been improved.
Related To: Ticketing

#20190208.9 - Feature (Work Item) - Add ability to tie checklist items to categories
You can now auto add checklists based on a ticket's category as well as by the ticket type.
Related To: Ticketing

#20190208.13 - Bug (Work Item) - Swiss francs currency translation
Currency was being displayed in English when browser culture was different. This is now fixed and the currency will now be translated on PDFs to match the browser culture.
Related To: Invoicing,Timesheets
Related Tickets: #20190208.10

#20190208.16 - Feature (Work Item) - Additional buttons on text editor
The text editor when creating and editing tickets, and when editing KB articles now has buttons for aligning text and choosing heading size
Related To: Ticketing,Other
Related Tickets: #20190204.33

#20190211.4 - Bug (Work Item) - Missing Validation on Team Form
Added validation to Team form as team name is mandatory.
Related To: Ticketing,UI
Related Tickets: #20190211.3

#20190211.13 - Bug (Work Item) - Remove product family field from leads
The Product Family field has been removed from leads. You will only still see the Product Family information when selecting a campaign on the lead that is linked to a Product Family.
Related To: Sales
Related Tickets: #20190211.10

#20190211.18 - Bug (Work Item) - Bug Displaying Dates in Spanish
Fixed the date format that was being used in grids for Japanese and Spanish
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20190211.8

#20190214.3 - Feature (Work Item) - Creation of API end point to assign tickets
You can now assign tickets to individuals and teams via the API
Related To: API,Ticketing

Harmony v4.18.4
#20181126.17 - Feature (Work Item) - Add invoice custom fields to invoice grids and make custom fields editable after posting invoice
The custom fields related to invoices are available to add to Invoice grids now. Custom fields for invoices are also editable after the invoice has been posted.
Related To: Invoicing,UI
Related Tickets: #20190206.10

#20190111.69 - Feature (Work Item) - Block Purchases UI improvements
- Added new column "End Customer" on T&M Billing Position and Block Purchases - Added new column "Provisional Balance" on T&M Billing Position and Block Purchases - Added new grid on Block Purchases with block purchases position grouped by contract - Tickets show the block purchases position
Related To: Blocks,Sales
Related Tickets: #20190111.67

#20190116.10 - Feature (Work Item) - Prevent billable budgets from being exceeded on fixed price projects
We added a drop down at the project level to override the behaviour of exceeding billable budgets.
Related To: Projects

#20190129.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Styling in data affecting Delete option for Deliverable Invoice Line grid
Fixed issue with grids that contain cells with nested tables.
Related To: Billing,Projects
Related Tickets: #20190129.3

#20190131.23 - Bug (Work Item) - Quote Approval Instruction not visible.
Fix to show Quote Approval Instructions on quote approval window
Related To: Quotes

#20190201.21 - Bug (Work Item) - Invoice failed to save pdf
Fix for an error thrown when trying to save/print supplier invoice from an expense
Related To: Email,Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190201.16

#20190204.3 - Bug (Work Item) - Bundle quantities not getting pulled into quote
We changed the code to correctly set estimate quantity when adding different types of items including bundles to the quote
Related To: Quotes

#20190204.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Date Picker on Order Signed popup: Javascript Error
Contract Signed Date is only available on the order details after being signed
Related To: Orders

#20190204.12 - Bug (Work Item) - Error accessing Supplier Credit Note
The end customer addresses in the link query was not filtering nulls
Related To: Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190204.10,#20190204.11

#20190204.18 - Bug (Work Item) - Error saving dates with abbreviated dates in Spanish
Fixed issue with Spanish translation of abbreviated month names.
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20190128.12

#20190206.6 - Feature (Work Item) - Create default sorting for different types of invoice lines
Now invoice lines when added as a batch to an invoice will sort the lines to try to keep lines of the same type together, and order those types logically so that prepurchases comes before services billed comes before drawdowns comes before expenses for example.
Related To: Billing,Invoicing

Harmony v4.18.3
#20181126.14 - Bug (Work Item) - Purchase Order with long descriptions over 255 characters

Related To: Orders

#20181206.38 - Feature (Work Item) - Add ability to set Auto Renew flag on consumption lines after contract is initialised
There was no option to change the auto renew option on consumption billing once added into a contract
Related To: Billing
Related Tickets: #20181206.37

#20181219.4 - Bug (Work Item) - Journals File Export performance issues
Introduce a setting for max number of journals to export to avoid a large journal message that hold up the message queue.
Related To: Journals

#20190111.76 - Bug (Work Item) - Duplicated footer when viewing invoice
In Invoices "View" tab there were two footers being displayed. This has been fixed now and only one is shown.
Related To: Invoicing,UI
Related Tickets: #20190111.72

#20190122.5 - Bug (Work Item) - Edit Events and Actions from All view
Edit button on Activity > Posts, Actions and Events screen when we are under the "All" view is visible now. But updating calendar schedule is controlled by EditMode of calendar schedule as is doing at the moment.
Related To: Other

#20190122.15 - Bug (Work Item) - PO Invoice address doesn't match Division address
When cloning PO, removed validation "Address is not part of division" and allowing to create cloned PO with legal entity's address when the one on the original PO is no longer in use
Related To: Orders
Related Tickets: #20190122.11

#20190123.10 - Bug (Work Item) - Server error thrown through large long description
Increased the size of the Long Description field.
Related To: Quotes
Related Tickets: #20190123.9

#20190123.13 - Feature (Work Item) - Additional options on Rules engine/custom events
Ability to add rules for time booking entity. Added Receives Work Report field on Contact and Customer. Added property ContactsReceivesWorkReport on counterparty to get in Receivers list for the rule.
Related To: Rules,Timesheets

#20190124.28 - Bug (Work Item) - Oportunity ref on Order reports
- Added the Opportunity Ref, Opportunity Value and Opportunity Description fields on Orders and Orders Details on reports
Related To: Orders,Quotes,Reports,Sales
Related Tickets: #20190124.25

#20190125.14 - Feature (Work Item) - Default BACS export file format
Additional fields made available for the BACS export file format.
Related To: Billing

#20190128.14 - Bug (Work Item) - Block Purchases API call
Missing Json Converter for Monetary Value was causing error.
Related To: API,Blocks

#20190128.18 - Bug (Work Item) - Server error when 'Assigned' status is used
Fixes for server error when status changed to assigned on ticket
Related To: Ticketing
Related Tickets: #20190128.6

#20190129.7 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability to click from ticket lists on team schedule through to the related ticket or work item
Added hyperlinks from the ticket lists under the team scheduler to the tickets themselves
Related To: Ticketing

#20190129.8 - Bug (Work Item) - Combined tax on invoices are misaligned
- Fixed total tax lines on invoices, when exists more than one tax type in one invoice
Related To: Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190128.22

#20190129.11 - Bug (Work Item) - Accounting Period on Opportunity related reports
Accounting Period column added on Opportunities Report and Opportunities Detail Report
Related To: Reports,Sales
Related Tickets: #20190125.15

#20190130.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Billable Expenses on Sales Tax customers
You can now use product level tax overrides for expenses by relating expense categories to products.
Related To: Expenses,Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190129.17

#20190131.17 - Bug (Work Item) - 'Pay me Back' option on expense not saved
Fixed bug Pay Me Back option not saving on expense
Related To: Expenses
Related Tickets: #20190131.7

#20190201.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Updated receipt not showing on backing sheet
Fixed issue which was causing the latest version of an expense document not to be shown in certain scenarios.
Related To: Expenses

#20190201.22 - Bug (Work Item) - Bundles quantities are not getting pulled into quote
The quantity from bundle items was not pulled correctly to the order lines. We address the bug.
Related To: Quotes

Harmony v4.18.2
#20190108.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Saved filters across same type of objects
Grid filters that are created on grids on the customer screen will now be available across all customers.
Related To: UI
Related Tickets: #20190108.6

#20190109.29 - Bug (Work Item) - Importing payments for SIs with bulk payments
Fixed issue with importing batch payments against supplier invoices from Xero.
Related To: Xero
Related Tickets: #20190109.18

#20190111.78 - Bug (Work Item) - Xero SI import and references
Fixed bug when importing payments against supplier invoices from Xero which was resulting on the Harmony invoice not being found if a Supplier Invoice Reference was entered
Related To: Xero
Related Tickets: #20190111.65

#20190115.8 - Bug (Work Item) - Xero SI export Due Dates
Fixed an issue with the date format of Invoice dates that were being exported to Xero.
Related To: Xero
Related Tickets: #20190115.2

#20190117.13 - Bug (Work Item) - Adding expense to work items

Related To: Expenses

#20190118.13 - Bug (Work Item) - Unable to release USD invoice

Related To: Invoicing
Related Tickets: #20190118.8

#20190121.22 - Bug (Work Item) - Team Calendar Recent pages menu
The team scheduler was showing as "HarmonyPSA" on the recent dropdown on the navigation bar. This has been changed to say "Team scheduler so it is clear.
Related To: Other
Related Tickets: #20190121.10

#20190121.30 - Bug (Work Item) - Supplier Invoices VS Customer Invoices in Quickbooks Online

Related To: Quick Books

#20190122.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Spanish translation improvements
Spanish translation updates.

Related Tickets: #20190121.25

#20190122.9 - Bug (Work Item) - Only Upload Leads setting doesnt save

Related Tickets: #20190122.7

#20190122.12 - Bug (Work Item) - Error thrown when accessing charge history from rates on contract

Related Tickets: #20190122.10

#20190122.19 - Bug (Work Item) - Error signing Quote online

Related To: Orders

#20190124.3 - Bug (Work Item) - Printing expenses includes receipts in backing sheet when there are no expenses

Related To: Expenses
Related Tickets: #20190123.19

#20190124.4 - Bug (Work Item) - Expense backing sheet includes all versions of a receipt

Related To: Expenses
Related Tickets: #20190123.43

#20190124.8 - Bug (Work Item) - Ticket charges property on TicketBase not excluding cancelled charge events
Property used in custom document templates was not excluding cancelled ticket charges
Related To: Templates
Related Tickets: #20190123.34

#20190124.33 - Bug (Work Item) - Customer contract not selectable from Expense

Related To: Expenses,Projects,Ticketing

#20190124.37 - Bug (Work Item) - Supplier invoices export problem - QBO UK
Fixed issue with Export date not being set on Supplier invoices.
Related To: Quick Books Online

Harmony v4.18.1
#20190110.11 - Bug - Continuum: Error updating ticket
Fixed issue with Continuum integration to ensure that nly tickets are updated.

#20181113.24 - Bug (Work Item) - Ad hoc Supplier Invoice invoice not included on Purchases total

Related Tickets: #20181113.2

#20190103.3 - Bug (Work Item) - Invoice and credit line grouping

Related Tickets: #20190102.24

#20190103.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Cannot create a journal line with currency which is different from base
Fixed an issue where you could not update the price of a purchase order line when the purchase order was in a currency different to the one on quote

Related Tickets: #20190102.18

#20190103.11 - Bug (Work Item) - PO Cost Recognition doubled on Project Purchases

#20190103.19 - Bug (Work Item) - Profitability by brand report not filtering correctly
Fixed profitability report's brand filter

Related Tickets: #20190103.15

#20190109.7 - Bug (Work Item) - Change on validation for Fixed Price Contribution
Added validation "should be greater than zero" for Fixed Price Contribution Rate, Support Earn Rate and Overhead Cost Rate on Legal Entity -> TimeSettings

Related Tickets: #20190109.4

#20190114.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Override Default Invoice From Address not working
Fixes for overriding Default Invoice From Address at customer and invoice level.

Related Tickets: #20190111.88

#20190117.5 - Bug (Work Item) - Ticket expanding arrows don't respond on IE
On IE 11 includes doesn't work same with new Date ('dateString'). These have been replaced with indexOf and moment('dateString').toDate()

Related Tickets: #20190115.6

#20190117.10 - Bug (Work Item) - Debug reindex doesnt create any data in fields
PageNo must start with 0 and sync part was start in an infinite loop

Harmony v4.17.11
#20181211.23 - Bug (Work Item) - Quick Books UK Invoice export Error

#20181219.21 - Bug (Work Item) - Permissions to create actions and events (calendar schedule)
Created permission '/AllOperations/CalendarSchedule/CanAssignCalendarItemsToOthers' to control ability to assign action/events to others. And not checking any permissions to show actions/events options for creating actions/events for themselves.

#20181221.16 - Feature (Work Item) - #20181205.20 Opportunity fields updating when contract (order) is signed
The close reason and closed date are now updated when the contract is signed.

#20181221.17 - Feature (Work Item) - #20181212.14 Searching on Company Number

#20190102.5 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability to clone roles
Ability to clone roles in Role Designer. When you edit a role you should see a button Clone.

#20190102.9 - Feature (Work Item) - SLA Changes
We moved the clock definition from SLA to the SLA severity. This means that you can have one SLA but multiple clock definitions for each severity. This allows customers which have assets linked to an SLA to update the SLA clock definition without having to create a new SLA and link it to each asset.

#20190102.26 - Bug (Work Item) - Product Bundles are not visible when products are not picked from the current product family.
When adding lines on quotes, in the product families show all the bundles that belongs to the selected product familiy, even if the bundle doesn't have items of that product family.

Related Tickets: #20190102.20

#20190104.2 - Bug (Work Item) - Dates not persisted when adding template tasks to project

Related Tickets: #20190104.1

#20190107.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Buesnap error logging improvements
Added code to log bluesnap exceptions through logging service.

Related Tickets: #20190103.32

#20190107.9 - Bug (Work Item) - Turn off the restriction of quantity greater than 0 in bundles, quotes and release
Change the validation to allow the user to set 0 quantity

Related Tickets: #20190107.5

#20190107.19 - Bug (Work Item) - Validation needed in LE tax config settings (also typo)
Small error fix when "Tax Code for postings outside of the scope of tax:" has no value now gives a user friendly error message.

#20190107.22 - Bug (Work Item) - Activity type not saved on project task
Editing the list of available activity types per task was not working on the project task sheet

Related Tickets: #20190107.21

#20190111.63 - Bug (Work Item) - Reference between contractor time booking and supplier invoice line not being saved
The lack of this reference could have produced complexity in reporting links between supplier invoice lines and contractor time bookings

Harmony v4.17.10
#20181212.21 - Bug (Work Item) - Xero invalid server error
Fixed message that gets displayed when the connection to Xero has timed out and you need to re-authenticate.

#20181220.12 - Bug (Work Item) - Credit Card Request view on Customer page
Add field 'Request Sent To' in section "Credit Card Information" in customer detail page.

Related Tickets: #20181220.7

#20181227.13 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability to edit timeout months on block purchases
Make it possible to edit the value for credit time out period ("Timeout In Months") for an order with recurring block purchases.

#20190102.10 - Feature (Work Item) - Find Orders: Add Base Value column
Added Total Value (Base) to available columns for the Orders grid.

#20190102.13 - Bug (Work Item) - Order completed date on Order Details report
Fixed sorting and filtering by Order Completed Date on Order Details Report

Related Tickets: #20190102.12

#20190102.23 - Bug (Work Item) - System error when adding client task to time sheets
Fixed sql query error thrown when listing contracts in Adding Client Task dialogue on Enter Timesheet screen

Harmony v4.17.9
#20181128.3 - Bug (Work Item) - Supplier Invoice rounding issues when matching PO
When creating a supplier invoice and doing a validation of price in ProductPricing and OrderLineBase, round price in ProductPricing to 2 decimals, to avoid error due to rounding issue.

#20181211.27 - Feature (Work Item) - Add Contracts tab to Customer under Sales view
Added Contracts tab to Customer under Sales view

#20181214.12 - Feature (Work Item) - Order Completed Date column on Find Orders grid and reports
Add the column "OrderCompletedDate" to the grids: Finance > Activity > Orders Finance > Reports > Orders > Orders Finance > Reports > Order Details

#20181223.2 - Bug (Work Item) - Email Parsing: Customer & Site Reference Patterns
Improved the Customer and Site reference lookup so that it isn't just restricted to records that have been linked to the external system.

Harmony v4.17.8
#20181025.16 - Bug (Work Item) - Uninvoiced items for Supplier
When abandon a purchase order (i.e. archive it) do not have an option to keep related products on Contracts/Schedule.

Related Tickets: #20181024.23

#20181106.35 - Bug (Work Item) - Add Shipping address to Invoice

#20181127.4 - Bug (Work Item) - Lead upload changes
Company number shown on the lead details. Postcode added to the lead uploads and visible on the lead details.

Related Tickets: #20181011.9

#20181205.23 - Bug (Work Item) - Cannot release this charge event; no quantity has been provided
Quantity not null check when auto releasing chargeable events

Related Tickets: #20181205.14

#20181206.40 - Bug (Work Item) - Recurring charges can't be reordered on Quotes
Fixed drag and drop ordering for Recurring charge items on Quote.

Related Tickets: #20181205.17,#20181213.17

#20181210.26 - Bug (Work Item) - Display External calendar setting
Correct such that it is possible to exclude external events from Harmony calendar by uncheck checkbox "Include External Calendars" above calendar.

Related Tickets: #20181207.44

#20181211.22 - Bug (Work Item) - 'Page not found' when accessing a page the user is not authorised to see
Correct the URL for location "Finance/Activity/Contracts" (set it to empty string) to avoid 404-error (resource not found) if an user has access to something in "Finance/Activity", but not to any of the 3 submenues in "Finance/Activity/Contracts".

#20181212.16 - Bug (Work Item) - Advanced Search for lookup CFs seems to be broken
Correct an error such that advanced search for lookup fields work

Related Tickets: #20181211.25,#20181213.18

#20181213.6 - Bug (Work Item) - Asset coverage and covered until information on grids
Fixed bug related to the Covered Until date and Coverage column on the Assets Grid for assets linked to terminated schedules.

#20181213.9 - Bug (Work Item) - Make shipping and invoice address editable on sales order up to order processing

#20181213.15 - Bug (Work Item) - Possible globalization issue on date filter for billable time
Date filter on time billing release screen was not working when the month was December

#20181214.9 - Bug (Work Item) - Date picker on outlook add-in
Fixed date picker issue in outlook harmony plugin

Related Tickets: #20181212.17

#20181217.23 - Bug (Work Item) - Address spelling on Customer page
Fixed typo

Related Tickets: #20181217.13

#20181217.24 - Bug (Work Item) - Expenses on Project
Expense against projects were not reflecting under contribution analysis

Related Tickets: #20181109.2

Harmony v4.18
#20180917.9 - Bug - Global search is not filtering out items based on the legal entity permissions
Bundle of changes including global filters, fluent way of binding security filters for all views / reports (grid back end changes). Main aim is to separate all date / screens based on user LE settings.

#20181124.1 - Bug - Auto Refresh the Next Event column on a schedule
The next event date column in grids now only shows dates in the future so you can easily query which items do not have anything scheduled in the future

#20181205.25 - Feature - New changes to invoice export csv
Additional fields made available to invoice export script

#20181010.7 - Feature (Work Item) - Implement Select2
Implement Select2 and replace the "Followers" user lookup on the ticket details form (left side panel). List of users should be fetched on search via Ajax call using the same lucene request which used by lookups.

#20181011.6 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability for customer to sign off Tickets
Ticket types can now be set to include a ticket sign off form which can be done physically or via the customer portal

#20181106.14 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability to select column and total rows visibility on quotes, orders and invoices
Options to show/hide all available columns on quotes, orders, purchase orders and invoices

#20181107.9 - Feature (Work Item) - Expense backing sheet
You can now set the 'include backing sheet with invoices' setting globally, and there is a new invoice backing sheet for expenses which includes thumbnails and full page images of any expenses on the invoices.

#20181108.3 - Feature (Work Item) - The ability to create custom printable templates
You can now create custom printable templates for items within harmony

#20181111.4 - Feature (Work Item) - Remove NServiceBus
Infrastructure change to use internal queue rather than MSMQ. Improves resposivness and resilience

#20181116.21 - Feature (Work Item) - Ability to create expenses from uploaded credit card statements
Ability to upload expense sheets or credit card statements and either reconcile them against your expenses or create new ones on the fly

#20181128.17 - Feature (Work Item) - Improvements to how the Volume Charges are represented on quotes, and how they are edited

#20181212.13 - Feature (Work Item) - Addition of expense approval requests
Additional flow where expense approvals can be routed via approval request documents

#20190102.16 - Feature (Work Item) - Add Status History list to SLA tab on history
There is now a status history list on the SLA tab on tickets


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