Can your MSP cope with New business?

    Written by Stuart Warwick on 2018-07-09 Last updated 2020-02-01 - 2 minute read

Every business owner wants new business.

Everyone wants more profit.

Everyone wants to grow.

It’s natural but can everyone cope with more business?

I come across this all the time. Established IT/MSP owners who say, ‘if only I had more leads and new business everything would be fine.’ It’s what they want because it’ll increase the business’ income and that’s a good thing – and I get it. However, what they think they want isn’t what they need to have a better business because there’s a deeper issue at play.

Most sub £1million turnover IT/MSPs can cope with one or two new clients a month. Any more and they start to struggle because the number of moving parts involved in seeing prospects, quoting, following up and onboarding plus running the business day to day becomes too much.

Too much to the point they can run themselves into an early grave with all the stress. Darren is a good example, a client I’ve recently started working with, who said, ‘there’s days I’d like to just walk away and never look back. New business would be good but I can’t cope with more, the thought makes me feel sick.’

Not a good place to be. And not the reason he or you set up in business in the first place – where’s the freedom and cash that’s supposed to come with running your own business?

The reason Darren feels like this and most IT/MSPs can only cope with one or two new clients a month is that they’re not set up to cope with more new business. They are firmly stuck in the centre of their business.

As a result, new business activity grinds to a halt, they focus on survival and trying to catch up all the time and their business ceases to grow. It sits on a plateau of busy mediocrity where they know they need more income to grow but can’t cope with more clients nor have the time to focus on how to create more new business. This is an unpleasant place to be in the long term and leaves the business owner feeling stressed and frustrated with the sad result that marketing and sales is seen as difficult and something to be feared as complicated and costly.

So how do you get a better business - one that gives you the time to cope with new opportunities and doesn’t make you sick at the thought of more clients – one that works for you rather than you for it?

Simple…and you know it too…your business needs structure… A structure that allows it to function efficiently so you are not at the heart of everything. This starts to give you the freedom to work on new things without being consumed by business management.

So, here’s a question for you…how should your IT/MSP be structured to give you the confidence it can run around you instead of through you?

Answers on a postcard please…

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About the Author: Stuart Warwick is an authority on helping established IT/MSP business owners scale with confidence. There is an epidemic of business owners stuck on the treadmill of hard work, struggling to scale and unable to do, have and give more – to their clients, staff, community and families. For some it’s a frustration of feeling stuck, for others business is like a rollercoaster of stressful highs and lows while some are resigned to seeing no way out. Stuart shows business owners there is a way out and has been doing so since 2011. Prior to that he was a director of a business improvement company helping global organisations influence the behaviour of staff and channel partners to drive engagement and results. With roles in sales, marketing, operations and leadership in the UK, Middle East, China and Australia he draws on significant experience of building businesses and teams for the benefit of ambitious IT/MSP’s. Stuart demystifies how established IT/MSP owners can scale with confidence and transform the way they work and lead their businesses. If transforming the way your MSP works for you is critical for you, so it can give you more money, time and freedom to live your life how you want, you can find out more about Stuart and his Scale with Confidence programme at Follow Stuart Warwick on , LinkedIn or Website

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