The benefits of automation

    Written by HarmonyPSA on 2018-02-05 Last updated 2020-02-01 - 1 minute read

How annoying is it when you find yourself re-keying something, or worse, making a mistake and having to do it a third time?

Just as annoying is being forced by your PSA system to do something unnecessary in order to achieve something necessary.

Why do people write software that contains pointless clicks?

Well, they do it to achieve high degrees of functional re-usability, to keep down the cost of production, reduce complexity in the code: there are many sensible reasons. None of which make it any better when you seem to be wasting your life feeding information into a system all day that it should know already.

You see, the goal of most system builders is to achieve a lot with a little from a code perspective, and this leads to wasted actions as functionality gets repurposed.

Our goal is different: at Harmony we strive to maximise user action automation.

We believe that building rules into a process at the start leads to the system acquiring sufficient knowledge to do many things on its own without needing a user to knock it on to the next stage. Checking and correcting bad data downstream is always the result of poorly thought-through processes or software.

Our products in particular have an understanding of their accounting rules and contract behaviours. This allows us to provide options to automate processes such as renewals, indexation, deferred revenue and ultimately invoicing and cash collection.

Time bookings can receive a similar level of automation. If you want four eyes checking on billable time, you can have it. If that’s too much process for you, you can automate either stage or both.

Want to manually create your own project plans? Go right ahead. If your order contains the data, a single click will both process the order and automatically create the project with the right tasks and budgets.

No wasted clicks is the goal.

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