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Can your MSP cope with New business?

  • 2 minute read

Every business owner wants new business.

Everyone wants more profit.

Everyone wants to grow.

It’s natural but can everyone cope with more business?

I come across this all the time. Established IT/MSP owners who say, ‘if only I had more leads and new business everything would be fine.’ It’s what they want because it’ll increase the business’ income and that’s a good thing – and I get it. However, what they think they want isn’t what they need to have a better business because there’s a deeper issue at play.

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Powerless in the world’s biggest library

  • 2 minute read

You pride yourself on knowing your stuff.

Technically, as an MSP owner, you know exactly what to do 99% of the time and if you don’t, you can find out in seconds via Google and multiple data and vendor sources.

We forget how lucky we are with technology and the amazing tools and opportunities it opens for us.

When I see my daughter researching resources in seconds for GCSE revision I compare it to the latest tech I had access to when studying for my O levels - micro-fiche searches at the local library. It’s why working in and with technology is such a great business to be in – it’s an enabler of the highest order, transforming our lives at an ever-increasing rate.

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