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How to effectively price your MSP contracts using assessments

  • 6 minute read

A common challenge for IT Solution Providers selling Managed Services contracts is pricing their offerings correctly.

While most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) broadly know what they need to charge for their services to be profitable, the real challenge comes when you meet with a prospective client and they ask you for a specific quote.

How can you know how many computers this prospect has? How many servers? What software are they running? All of these factors will contribute towards the quote you give the prospect for ongoing Managed Services.

The way you can find out the answers to these questions is to perform a customer assessment.

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The Difference Between UK and US Managed Service Providers

  • 5 minute read

I recently travelled for a speaking engagement in the United States. I was speaking at a conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended by an audience of small business IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Solution Providers.

The trip was a fun one for me. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with MSPs from across the United States, and apart from the differences in the English language between the UK and USA (I was teased for talking about “Rooters” rather than “Rowe-ters”, for instance) I was struck by the similarities in challenges that MSPs on both sides of the Atlantic face.

MSPs in the UK and the USA both struggle to hire and retain good quality staff, for instance. On both sides of the pond, MSPs find a challenge in motivating their engineering staff to record their time correctly. Oh, and the frustration of client's nickel and diming (or as we’d say in the UK, “being skinflints”) MSPs on purchasing is the same worldwide.

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How can MSPs grow their business through automation?

  • 5 minute read

Few people would argue against the statement that one of the tenets of IT Managed Services is scalability.

An IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) should be able to scale their business to serve more clients without necessarily adding additional staff every time they win a new client.

For instance, one service desk engineer can manage dozens or even hundreds of client servers or workstations from his desk, using remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM) tools. Another service desk engineer can simultaneously help multiple end-users through remote desktop and online chat facilities.

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