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How Employee skills & vulnerabilities can help your services business?

  • 2 minute read

The one thing all professional services business share in common is that, fundamentally, they sell expertise.

Expertise is a combination of both the company’s track record in similar problems and the skills of their employees. All of course residing within their process and quality framework.

Understanding the skills of your employees and applying that capability to what work you go after and once won, assignment of people to tasks, is therefore a key aspect of running a services business. In certain circumstances and for certain types of services business, demonstrating you have the skills to perform the work, in terms of employee backgrounds and qualifications, is even key to winning the work.

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2019: our key achievements

  • 3 minute read

As we approach the festive season, we thought it a good opportunity to review what we have achieved in 2019 and to look forward to in the New Year.

2019 achievements

The 2019 saw us launch a revamped user home page containing user definable pinned reports of objects meaningful to their day to day activity. This ensures that users can make their homepage focused on the things of direct relevance to their role.

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The power of path-based workflow

  • 2 minute read

This is one of a series of blog posts dealing with the criteria to be included when reviewing which PSA to purchase.

At a high level, all solutions will generally look the same as they are designed to cover the same problem. However, there are many detailed considerations that can make a big difference in how effective the solution is in support of your business.

In this blog we examine the subtle difference between ticket status lists and ticket workflows.

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Considering the power of customisation

  • 2 minute read

Buying any business software product always involves a degree of compromise.

The extent to which that compromise impedes productivity and effective use of the system, while still allowing you to run the business the way you want, is the difference between success and failure in your choice of PSA.

Minimising these compromises depends on how configurable the solution is. How easy it is to add custom data and functionality without requiring code changes the vendor is unlikely to want to deliver just for you.

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The challenges of managing deferred revenue

  • 2 minute read

Where the value of an invoice does not relate to revenue 100% earned in the period of the invoice, some degree of deferred revenue treatment is necessary. Without making a process separation between revenue recognition and cash-flow, period accounting will be incorrect and so misleading.

Worse, the effect of this at year end will lead to an overstatement of revenue, in turn driving the business to pay more corporation tax than is necessary.

Lastly, under ASC606, ensuring revenue is taken over the life of a contract is key to accounts compliance.

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What is SAML and why is it a good thing?

  • 2 minute read

What is SAML?

SAML stands for Security Assertion Mark-up Language and is an open standard for managing the separation between the authentication of a user by a service provider and the identity provider that grants the assertion providing access right to the service.

While alternatives for Single Sign On (SSO) exist within an organisational domain (such as Microsoft Active Directory) and for consumer access (such as OAuth used by personal web applications), SAML is the preferred standard for creating a federated security access model for cloud (internet) business applications such as Service Desk, CRM and of course PSA.

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The challenges of sales commission functionality

  • 3 minute read

Every business blog needs to find a reason to include a cat picture - everyone likes cats, right?

So here we go, a business blog featuring a cat in a box.

You may have heard of the 1930s thought-experiment called Schrödinger's cat.

If not, Schrödinger postulated that a cat in a closed box could either be alive or dead and the only way to determine the state of its health was to open the box and observe it.

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Is your PSA system HIPAA compliant?

  • 2 minute read

For those who are not aware of this acronym, HIPAA stands for Health Insurance, Portability & Accountability Act. It is US legislation that addresses patient confidentiality and ensures your records can be moved between healthcare providers without hindrance.

If you provide services to the healthcare sector in the US, you will be aware of your responsibility to make that service provision HIPAA compliant.

Obviously, for software that deals with patient records this is a key requirement built in from day one. Similarly, cloud storage and backup solutions used by healthcare providers have clear responsibility to ensure patient records are protected by multi-level secure access controls.

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Intelligent Swarm vs Agile Service Delivery

  • 2 minute read

Those of you who follow trends in service desk methodology will have heard of “intelligent swarm”.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, this blog looks at the commonalities and differences between this methodology and Agile Service Delivery, the other current evolutionary trend which we have discussed in our blog on agile service delivery.

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The difficulties of forecasting professional services revenue

  • 4 minute read

If effective and simple resource management is the Holy Grail of professional services automation (PSA) software, the ability to produce a revenue forecast worth reading must be the golden Unicorn’s horn.

Why is this so hard?

Well, first let us discuss what is meant by a revenue forecast and the many equally valid interpretations people place on this seemingly simple concept.

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