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Adapting to the changes in the authentication landscape

  • 6 minute read

My last post was dedicated to the future of authentication. We discussed passwords, two-factor authentication and newer password-less authentication protocols.

Authentication is an important subject because, as of today, it is often a significant cost center for enterprises and MSPs.

A new survey conducted by Yubico suggests that employees spend around 11 hours per year resetting passwords. Based on the average headcount in this research of almost 15,000, Yubico estimate that the annual cost of productivity and labour loss associated with password resets per company averages £4 million annually.

On the other end, this activity is reflected almost 1-1 on an MSP’s help desk. As an MSP, you are probably spending time addressing access provisioning and password resets, which cuts into your productivity bandwidth and margins.

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The Future of Authentication

  • 5 minute read

The Password

Authentication is a sensitive subject that always seems to imply walking a fine line between security and convenience. On one hand, companies require the security that strong authentication mechanisms provide. On the other hand, end-users require the convenience of being able to seamlessly access services without spending any considerable time or effort.

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