Are you a Tech Star or a Sales Hero?

    Written by James Vickery on 2018-06-11 Last updated 2018-06-27 - 3 minute read

Not all heroes wear capes. Many MSP business owners work countless hours providing highly skilled services to their clients – yet, unfortunately the more time you spend doing tech support the less time you’re spending growing your company.

Hard to believe that being great at IT could actually be costing your business thousands of dollars per month in new customer acquisition.

However, hiring staff that are just as technically skilled as you can prove to be tricky, not to mention costly.

So how do you go from being a tech star to a sales super hero?

Avoid ‘Quick Fix’ Temptation

Trying to personally solve every little IT issue your customer has can be tempting. It’s rewarding to know that you have the expertise to solve a problem fast and keep your clients happy.

However, quick fixes can add up and before you know it you’ve spent an entire day on tech support rather than growing your IT business.

Sales-focused MSPs avoid the small distractions. You may be an incredible tech but when you think about it many of the day to day IT requests from clients can be performed by others too.

Hiring more help desk staff is one option but most MSPs report that managing people can be just as distracting and drive you away from your goal of truly growing your MSP.

Benchmark 365 addresses the concerns of growing MSPs by providing an on-demand team of dispatch, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support engineers freeing you up to focus on the growth of your IT company.

While someone else handles the “quick”, you refocus your time on quick sales activities, getting back in touch with a lead, talking to customers about their business or promoting yourself on social media.

Old habits die hard and customers will undoubtedly try to contact you personally to help then with a minor issue. Be strong and remember that the growth of your company depends on your focus toward sales. 

Expertise On Demand

If you’re the tech star in your MSP it can be frustrating and often uneconomical to employ someone as skilled as you to help manage the workload. Even when you do make the decision to replace yourself, senior engineers are difficult to find and are often attracted to larger enterprises with bigger salaries than you and your clients can afford.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if accessing senior technical skills was as accessible and economical as Uber?

Benchmark 365 was designed to meet the needs of MSPs. Rather than employing technicians we have a pool of talent on demand day and night.

Perhaps you need a project scoped or someone to execute a complex migration? These sorts of tasks will often rest on your own shoulders. With Benchmark 365 we give you instant access to the resources you need when you need them.

This unique ‘resource sharing’ approach is a huge competitive advantage, tapping you into the skills you need in a way that makes the most economical sense.

With helpdesk running smoothly and sticky technical issues sorted out you’ve got just one important thing to focus on…

Sell and Grow

Now that you have fewer tech distractions It’s time to finally promote yourself to Sales Hero in your MSP.

Just like being a great technician is a discipline, so too is becoming great at sales. In fact. even the most accomplished sales people say that they achieve maximum results when they consistently focus on their craft each and every day.

There are tons of great resources out there from sales-related books (one of my favourite authors is Jack Daly who wrote the book Hyper Sales Growth) and podcasts (check out the Advanced Selling Podcast on iTunes) right through to surrounding yourself with sales experts to learn from.

If you’re looking to truly amp up your sales you might be interested to know that as well as providing an outsourced helpdesk on demand, Benchmark 365 provides sales advice, support and selling techniques to MSPs.  

As an MSP with 15+ years experience we have the knowledge to help other MSPs reach their maximum potential.

MSPs that focus more time on sales than tech are larger and more profitable than their tech-focused peers.

We hope these tips are helpful to you in growing your MSP.


About the Author: James Vickery is the founder of Benchmark 365, the first Private Label Service for MSPs. A veteran MSP owner, James found that the increasing cost of staff and downward pressure on MSP pricing was unsustainable. Using global best practice methodologies, James extended his team offshore resulting in reduced costs but more importantly, the scale and consistency needed to successfully grow the company. After extensive experience in this offshore model, James launched Benchmark 365 a company built by an MSP for MSPs, helping IT business owners generate profit, increase sales and reduce operating costs. Benchmark 365 provides MSPs with an ‘on demand’ team of systems engineers, helpdesk resources and customer service personnel combined with market leading tools and sales techniques designed to help MSPs break through traditional barriers. Follow James Vickery on or LinkedIn

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