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Release Notes v4.18

  • 7 minute read

At the start of a brand new year, we're excited to present you with our latest release of Harmony PSA. As always, we have included a range of changes from general bug fixes to new feature implementations and functional improvements. The major changes are explained in this article while you will be able to read through the general bug fixes here

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Which customers are making you money?

  • 2 minute read

There is a great (apocryphal) story about the company who invented the plastic Rawlplug, a very successful business.

When the CEO was interviewed by a business magazine in the 1970s about his stock control processes, he just pointed to a red line on the warehouse wall, saying,

“When I can see the line from my office I order more plugs”.  

Profitability for his business was a simple calculation of sales margin coupled with having enough stock in hand to deal with the variability in periodic demand: his red line on the wall.

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Feature Friday - How to automatically clear checks in your RMM on ticket closure

  • 1 minute read

Hi All

If you don’t want to switch back to your SolarWinds Dashboard after clearing a ticket in Harmony, you can now just use the v4.17 web hook addition to the Rules engine.

Define your trigger and your filters as you wish (if you categorise your MSP RMM tickets in Harmony, you will have an easy time):

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