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How to Automate revenue Recognition in an IFRS 15 and ASC 606 Compliant manner

  • 2 minute read

2018 is the year that the IASB (international Accounting Standards Board) intends to close the remaining revenue recognition loop-holes in GAAP for recurring revenue. This is through the issuing of IFRS 15 and in the US ASC 606, both dealing with tighter rules around recognising revenue. They apply more rigour to the tests than hitherto applied and must be understood by companies providing services over a period as opposed to transactionally. 

As this is not an accountancy blog, we will not cover the full detail of the legislation, more the high level points and how they may impact your current accounting treatment of these term contracts.

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Applying CMM thinking to Service Desk

  • 1 minute read

CMM (Capability Maturity Model) is a taxonomy that was developed to help organisations understand where they are in terms of the evolution of process quality and efficiency. Historically, it has been related to the software development processes.

But the method is also useful when considering what sort of PSA system you need depending on how mature your processes are, or where the organisation wants to advance to in its process maturity.

CMM is similar to ISO9001 definitions of repeatable and assured delivery.

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Using Harmony for Project Management

  • 3 minute read

PSA tools built around service desk-based operating models are notoriously bad at project management. The project area seems to be an afterthought, inserted because even MSPs need some kind of project capability, but not really integrated or thought through.

Here at Harmony, we’ve been working this problem for a few years now with the sole aim of producing a world class, practical project management area (we don’t have modules) that can support both traditional and agile project management techniques in the full business context that only an end to end PSA system can provide,

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