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Harmony Release Notes v4.17

  • 8 minute read

At HarmonyPSA we have been working on another major release to bring you new features and fixes. The features included in this release will be linked to documentation on our help site. You will be able to access the full list of releases through here

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The Future of Authentication

  • 5 minute read

The Password

Authentication is a sensitive subject that always seems to imply walking a fine line between security and convenience. On one hand, companies require the security that strong authentication mechanisms provide. On the other hand, end-users require the convenience of being able to seamlessly access services without spending any considerable time or effort.

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Meet Vinay Delamthabettu, senior developer

  • 2 minute read
Next up in our series of posts introducing you to the people behind the scenes at Harmony, is Vinay, one of our Senior Developers. Vinay has been working on Harmony since the very beginning and there's little he doesn't know about the software - he's often the first port of call for staff in-house at Harmony who have queries! An all-round tech superhero, Vinay shares a little bit about his life, and the inevitability of his career in software...
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