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The top 10 reasons a PSA will save you money and help you grow

  • 2 minute read

Maybe you already have some idea that buying a PSA tool could save you money.

That notwithstanding, we thought we would have a go at presenting what we believe to be the top 10 reasons to buy a PSA system (OK, specifically Harmony) that can both save you money AND simultaneously drive growth in your business.

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Harmony Release Notes v4.16

  • 5 minute read

We’re happy to announce another great major release with more features and improvements: HarmonyPSA v4.16. This blog post explains all the major changes and provides you with references to our help site for more information. 

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How to effectively price your MSP contracts using assessments

  • 6 minute read

A common challenge for IT Solution Providers selling Managed Services contracts is pricing their offerings correctly.

While most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) broadly know what they need to charge for their services to be profitable, the real challenge comes when you meet with a prospective client and they ask you for a specific quote.

How can you know how many computers this prospect has? How many servers? What software are they running? All of these factors will contribute towards the quote you give the prospect for ongoing Managed Services.

The way you can find out the answers to these questions is to perform a customer assessment.

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Where do you do your accounting?

  • 2 minute read

If you’re a small business, the answer may well be:

”a spreadsheet”.

But more correctly, you are probably using one of the low cost cloud accounting packages designed for small businesses and you’re now wondering why this blog is asking such a stupid question.

Simple revenue and cost accounting (based upon direct cash-flows only), sometimes known as cash-book accounting, is not accounting in the sense your accountant would use the word when he or she is preparing theirinvoice.

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