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Harmony v4.14 Release Notes

  • 11 minute read

Hi All

Here at Harmony PSA, we have been working hard to bring our customers exciting new features and bug fixes with the latest release. Our team has reviewed the most popular feature requests that are in demand and worked through a list of reported bug fixes from the previous release (v4.13) to bring our customers the most up-to-date release yet: HarmonyPSA v4.14.

A full and updated change list on all our releases can be found here. Existing v3 customers will only get the bug fixes while the v4 users will get the full release. Currently, the updating of existing customers to v4 is underway. However, please contact us if you require the upgrade earlier.

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Low to Zero touch invoicing, part 1: billing time

  • 4 minute read

You could say that the primary purpose of PSA software is to get the right invoice out on time.

Which makes it surprising when we speak to companies that don’t use their PSA tool for invoicing. “Too inflexible” is the normal response to the question, “Why not?”

How many companies do you think take timesheet data out of a PSA tool, dump it into a spreadsheet, pass it round for review/edit, then manually type their invoices and review them again before release? Based upon 100s of conversations, we reckon this is actually the majority of services business, seriously. This is really an indictment on the industry as a whole….

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Harmony v4.14: Dynamic checklists

  • 2 minute read

In the old days you could check everything yourself. Life was busy, but at least you had the confidence from knowing the quality of work was up to your standards, because you either did it yourself, or used staff you knew who could do this stuff in their sleep.

But as your business grows, you find it harder and harder to be on top of every action. You’re hiring the best staff you can find, their CVs look great, their technical tests are fine, but the nagging doubt remains. Will they remember to check everything before they throw the virtual switch or will that site visit end with an irate customer on the phone, threatening to cancel?

Delegation is especially tough when it’s your business - doubly so when you used to do so much of the technical stuff yourself. With a business owner breathing down their necks, people get rushed, they get distracted, they forget things. It's human nature after all but it’s also your business!

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What data breaches and hurricanes have in common 

  • 4 minute read

If it keeps on rainin' levee's goin' to break – Led Zeppelin

If you are any size of IT provider or MSP and someone asked you what happened at the customer’s site last month, or what services were performed for that customer, how long would it take you to generate a report that had that information, plus the costs of those services and the billing done to the customer? 

That’s a question which pops up when you’re trying to manage an IT services business and it’s not usually a question that has a sense of urgency attached to it. There is a change coming. Driven by the EU/UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the question of GDPR compliance has a lot to do with what services an IT provider or MSP is delivering and the evidence of ongoing compliance effort.

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4 advantages of B2B online invoicing

  • 4 minute read

Are you still collecting payments for your services the traditional way, with printed and mailed, 30-day invoices? If so, we bet you’ll be glad to hear this:

You can actually save time, and get paid faster, with online invoicing—even if your business doesn’t have a website.   

Thanks to a fully integrated e-payments solution provided by BlueSnap, all Harmony users now have the ability to receive payments electronically, whether you have a website or not. And it all happens seamlessly within the software, so you won’t sacrifice any of the simplicity you love about HarmonyPSA.

An electronic B2B billing system benefits companies of all sizes. Keep reading for four reasons why online invoicing is good for your business—and why it might be time for you to change the way you do invoicing!  

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Mac security in the workplace

  • 2 minute read

Steve Timmiss, director of Kaizen IT and a Harmony PSA customer, gives his advice on Mac security in the workplace.

Macs and PCs occupied different areas of the business IT market for many years. Macs were at the forefront of the desktop publishing revolution and bettered their PC counterparts in terms of colour accuracy and typography and early adoption of Adobe postscript, which made them popular with designers.

The rise of the Mac

In a bid to increase its market share, Apple employed a specific strategy to switch core elements of its macOS software and hardware, (notably its file system and processor) to become more compatible with PCs. This, combined with the rise of revolutionary but complementary Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad and BYOD strategies, has led to a significant rise in the number of macOS devices purchased across all business sectors.

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