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Running a successful PSA implementation

  • 4 minute read

There are many hurdles to overcome when selecting the right PSA tool for your organisation, including getting buy-in from the team.

But, in many respects, the problems really begin when you start to implement the system.

Like ERP, there are many failed PSA implementations out there.

We're not necessarily saying the software is not being used, but failed in terms of the benefits case that drove the decision to buy. This is a significant undertaking, both in terms of people’s time and also cost, so take a few minutes to think through how you are going to achieve a successful project that delivers the maximum benefit from the software you have chosen.

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How to integrate Jira with HarmonyPSA

  • 7 minute read

Hi All

This week we will take a look at our new Jira integration feature between HarmonyPSA and Jira.  This lets you:

  • Automatically create a bug ticket in Jira when created in Harmony
  • Update the Harmony ticket with any comments added into the Jira ticket
  • Update the ticket status in Harmony

This is really useful as this saves time from having to manually create the same ticket in Jira that already exists in Harmony. This will also be very beneficial for developers who would rather use Jira ticketing system. There will then be a link attached to the Jira ticket which is directed back to Harmony so that it will be quick and easy to book time against the ticket that you are working on.

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6 key requirements for moving to AYCE billing

  • 3 minute read

No, we’ve not launched a food blog, today we’re talking about an emerging contract trend, device-based or All You can Eat (AYCE) billing.

Let’s go back through the history of MSP charges to see where this has come from.

It all started, and for some has remained, with getting a call when something had stopped working. Originally this meant rushing round with a van load of parts and some disks to fix the problem, write down the time and then bill it. Easy control, simple billing, few needs from a PSA system, break/fix drove the industry forward and is still present in huge numbers.

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