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Part One: Why do PSA implementations fail?

  • 2 minute read
Reason One: Software still catching up with changing business needs

This is the first in a series of blog posts about implementation failures and how to avoid them.

ERP implementation failures became endemic (almost apocryphal) during the 90s and onwards as expansion in the adoption of business software reduced prices. The driver for this was the change from bespoke instances (all with significant localisation code changes), to a more configuration-based commoditised offering.

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Harmony v3.12 Release Notes

  • 6 minute read

Hi all,

Harmony v3.12 is now available!

This new release includes (several!) new Features you may find interesting. Among them we have:

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Why selling Cloud software makes a PSA tool essential for ISVs

  • 4 minute read

Things were better in the old days”, or so the saying goes.

Well, whether better or worse, they were certainly different when it came to building a business software company.

In truth, it has always been hard to get started. The lack of choice of software products in the marketplace could very often deliver a friendly large customer who would fund a build to ensure they had just what they needed. That could then be turned into a product and licensed, and that’s where the major differences in the old and new software models began.

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Let them eat cake

  • 3 minute read

We understand that this is an oft misquoted translation of "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" supposedly said by Marie Antoinette when told that the poor people of Paris had no bread to eat. Obviously this apocryphal story was used to highlight how out of touch the royal family was to the plight of the working classes and hence fuel the revolution.

And is nothing whatsoever to do with PSA tools.

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