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Contribution analysis

  • 3 minute read

Technology and professional services businesses spend over 70% of their fixed budget on staff. However, the connection between their revenue streams and employment spend are often very hard to analyse and even harder to optimise.

It should be easy, if you implement a timesheet system, you will have total clarity over what people are doing, how much they are earning and where the money is going, right?

Unfortunately, timesheet systems alone have many drawbacks when it comes to working out the contribution each employee is making towards the overall profitability of the company:

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v3.8 Release Notes

  • 3 minute read

Hi all,

New user security settings are now available in Harmony. On this page it's possible to set different requirements for passwords and login/session duration.

Additionally, we have also made some changes to address memory usage which should improve Harmony's response time.

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v3.7 Release Notes

  • 4 minute read

Hi all,

We've included several new features on this release and made a video that goes through the main changes. These highlights include:

  • Process Boards
  • Report Subscriptions
  • Configurable Time Backing Sheets
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