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Customer profitability

  • 4 minute read

Customer profitability comes up a lot in our “does it do…” conversations. Luckily this isn’t a problem, Harmony delivers it as a standard background task whether you need it or not.

So, forget exporting piles of data into Excel and working all afternoon analysing data, only to realise your exports were missing something or were cross-period.

To make this work automatically, there is one calculation that you need to do as, although Harmony fully automates the sums, it needs to be fed a reasonable estimation of the fully loaded cost rate for each employee or group of employees in order to have any chance of being accurate.

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Amazing Integrations #6 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to Slack

  • 2 minute read

Hi Everyone

This latest integration we will be taking you through is a cracker; attaching Harmony to Slack to:

    • Let teams know when new tickets have been created
    • Let the assigned person know when a customer responds updates a ticket by adding a comment/email
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Integration architecture

  • 3 minute read

A key question we get asked a lot is “Does Harmony integrate with xyz?” where xyz either represents a system the prospect uses and loves, or an essential system that does something not forming part of a PSA’s natural footprint, so an accounting system or a monitoring platform.

In all the years of receiving enquiries, we can’t remember one that was more specific than that.

Now, it may seem obvious to a user what integrate with means, but it is not always obvious to us, so let’s break the problem down a little to help understand it better.

Classically, there are at least four kinds of interface (there may be more, but we can immediately think of four which should be enough to make the point):

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Transactional CRM

  • 2 minute read

I love this image, it reminds me of joke I heard years ago.

A man in a balloon is floating over a field, lost. He sees another man walking across the field and shouts down, “where am I?”. The man on the ground replies “you’re in a balloon in the middle of a field” to which the balloonist says “I’ll bet you’re a financial accountant.” “My god, how did you guess?” says the man on the ground. “Because while what you’ve told me may be accurate, it’s totally useless.”

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