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The story behind HarmonyPSA

  • 2 minute read

A number of people have asked me why I think I’m qualified to design a PSA tool, what makes me think I know the topic well enough to get the functionality right?

In particular as I’ve never worked for an MSP.

It’s come up enough times now that I thought I should explain in my own words the parts of my background that I have brought to this problem.

The image seemed to combine blue sky thinking with growth. It not only sums up what this is about, but it’s way better than a picture of me.

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Release 3.6

  • 3 minute read

Hi all,

Version 3.6 of Harmony has started being released.

The highlight for this release is our new Recurring Billing Forecast widget, which replaces the Recurring Cashflow Analysis widget. We will also include a detailed view of the results of this graph on one of the next releases.

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  • 2 minute read

The most important question we aim to answer immediately on the first discovery call is: Is HarmonyPSA suitable for my business?

Now, where the enquirer is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or software business (ISV), we pretty well know that the answer is going to be yes because these are the business types we designed it for.

For these businesses, we have added a wide range of unusual, in some cases unique, niche features to address needs specific to their sector. These are our sweet spot and in most cases we can repeatedly say “Yes, it also does that…” to (what are often) hours of questions.

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Capacity management

  • 3 minute read

We get a lot of enquiries from professional services and software companies stating the reason they are in the market for a PSA tool is the need to improve their resource management (sometimes referred to as capacity management). Often, this topic also includes revenue forecasting from the PS teams.

This seems to happen when a company’s professional services staff gets to around 30 people, at the point that it’s hard to keep it all in your head.

Now, we agree that understanding what everyone is doing is very important in maintaining a profitable professional services business. However, where we might challenge the thinking is the assumption that the answer to fixing the problem is implementing a PSA solution.

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