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Boards are now available!

  • 3 minute read
FULLY CONFIGURABLE, fast, heterogeneous, PROCESS DRIVEN, enterprise-wide Kanban boards fully integrated into and driven by Harmony’s advanced business process engine

We are delighted to announce the launch of what we believe to be an industry first: process-driven Kanban boards that you can design the way you wish to view and access data objects and items. Basically, this allows you to take a board and add to it the things you need to deal with, in effect, your whole job in a single coherent view!

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Feature Friday - Outlook Add-In

  • 2 minute read

Hi All

We have now released an outlook add-in for all users of Office 365 or Exchange 2013 or later.

The add-in will appear in, and is available for use both in\OWA and also in the desktop version of Outlook.

Currently, you can only use the add-in to create tickets from emails and add email attachments to the ticket you have created.

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Your customer portal, a marketing opportunity

  • 1 minute read

What does your customer portal say about you?

We’re not sure many people give this question a second thought. They buy a service desk (or PSA) system and it comes with a portal which customers can use to monitor progress on open tickets and generally have a moan.

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PSA trends for ISVs

  • 2 minute read

One thing we know from our enquiry stream is the imbalance between MSPs and ISVs looking for PSA solutions.

MSPs are an established market, actually quite a mature market in the US and increasingly so here in Europe and elsewhere. They knew they needed software to book problem tickets to and as that drove their income, it was natural to develop PSA tools targeted at them. They also prefer to work for others instead of writing their own solutions.

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Meet Denis Pujdak, developer

  • 1 minute read

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Harmony?

As a software developer I spend most of my time on the development and improvement of Harmony. Also I improve the interface flexibility and simplicity to give customers comfort and clarity in their work. My main goal is to make customers happy and to give them valuable tool for their business - to help lead our customers toward success.

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