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Pointless Hand-offs

  • 2 minute read

A common arrangement we see in software companies is the system separation between:

  • Help Desk;
  • Quote and Order Management;
  • Feature Management;
  • Task/Sprint Management; and
  • Time recording

So, why does this matter? You’ve bought the market leader in each category and you’re operating each using the best practice; the problem is sorted.

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Is it under contract?

  • 3 minute read

Today we’re discussing a common opportunity for burning money that is, incidentally, one of the key attributes of a sound business case for buying a PSA solutions: working for free! We’ve all done it, you get the call and fix the problem, it’s what you are trained to do after all. However, what happens if the customer has cancelled support. Would your technician know?

So, your helpdesk logs a ticket in response to a call reporting a problem with an asset the customer believes is under contract. The helpdesk is trained to respond and ensure the customer’s needs are met and no SLAs are breached. The problem is that the finance department has recently sent out renewal notices with a price increase and the customer has decided not to renew support, without telling its operations staff. Would your helpdesk know this change had taken place or would they simply provide support anyway? Would they even be able to find the asset tag in the helpdesk system?

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