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  • 3 minute read
What is the right integration strategy for a full functionality PSA tool?  An interesting question and one we spent many hours debating.

There are actually two classes of integration we consider:

  1. Integrations to solutions that deliver functionality that does not sit naturally in the PSA space
  2. Integrations to systems that replicate HarmonyPSA functionality where the customer does not wish to migrate off their existing platform immediately
  3. A RESTful interface that allows our customers to develop their own bespoke integrations. We even offer a community shared code repository so that customers can post their code for others to benefit from
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Exciters: small can be beautiful

  • 4 minute read
What are exciters?
Well, in our world, they are small discrete items functionality that solve tiny but really useful gaps, or close really annoying gaps in the system.  Find someone who has lost money because of one of these gaps and you can make a sale just on that feature alone.
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Feature Friday - Telephony Integration!

  • 1 minute read

Hi All

This week we will take a look at a smart new set of features which allow a number of telephony related integrations.  These let you:

  • Click on telephone numbers in the system through the use of tel: links. These will fire up the softphone on your PC to dial the number
  • Configure your PBX so an incoming call will fire up a browser session with the customer, contact or ticket creation screen for the contact already selected
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