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Planning: achieving the right balance

  • 2 minute read
I drive past this flat every day on my way to work.  It is a constant reminder to me of the importance of planning.  I love the fact that the lamp-post is more or less exactly in the centre of the front door, with its helpful parking restriction signs.  The fact that the flat sold straight away says more about the London property market than the aesthetics of having a lamp-post bang in the middle of your entrance. What were they thinking of?  I guess having your own lamp-post saves electricity - no need for that light by the side of the door.

So, planning is important when it comes to front doors, but how important is planning functionality in a PSA tool?  After all, everyone uses a well-known office suite product to do their planning, don’t they?

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HarmonyPSA at SITS16

  • 3 minute read

HarmonyPSA is targeted at a number of verticals within the technology sector, but with SITS16 only a few weeks away, we thought we’d write a blog specifically highlighting the features we have designed to help MSPs manage their businesses without getting buried in administration and finance tasks.

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Multi-currency expenses

  • 2 minute read

“How many currencies do you support on an expense record?” is an odd question, however we get asked it now and again.

The easy answer is three:

  1. The expense currency
  2. The accounting currency
  3. The billing currency
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