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PSA (Professional Services Automation) software is an established term in the US and becoming better known in the UK and Europe where adoption levels are presently far lower. But, you might ask, what are the key differences between traditional ERP systems and PSA systems?

Well, ERP systems were traditionally written for warehousing and merchant businesses, with the kind written for manufacturing known as MRP. Increasingly, vendors are launching ERP solutions for professional services companies, where stock management is replaced by resource management and timesheets to billing and project management functionality is beefed up. These functions exist in good PSA tools, the better of which also incorporate integrated service desk, enabling time on tickets to be tracked and billed directly.

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Improving timesheet compliance

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"What is the point of having timesheets if no-one uses them!" This is a common refrain which we have heard many times speaking to prospects.

There are a number of key reasons why people do not like filling in timesheets, but usually it boils down "it takes too long" or "I don't know where to book my time".

There is an additional reason that is rarely mentioned and that is that people do not like to be innacurate. They do not like to misrepresent what they have been doing.  They WANT to be honest.

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