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1.52.23 Release Notes

  • 2 minute read


Hi All

This is a small maintenance release containing a number of small new features and bug fixes.
Please get in touch if you'd like any more info on the changes noted below.

Kind Regards

The Harmony Team

RefNumber   Type      Name
#20151109.3   Bug       Order Split Line error
#20160121.13 Bug       Issue adding actions to supplier invoices
#20160111.20 Feature  Copying timesheet rows forward by type
#20160205.13 Bug       New ticket type issue
#20160204.2   Bug       More forgiving comment workflow constraints
#20160203.19 Bug       Sort the SubType dropdown on Custom Fields screen alphabetically
#20160203.25 Bug       Issue in Supplier Invoice export
#20160211.5   Feature  Add Blank Date filter on grid searches
#20160127.2   Bug       Certain dynamic tags were not working in the rules engine
#20160128.17 Bug       Deliverable orders not showing for uninvoiced time if click view order lines
#20160210.5   Bug       Error on Project details under certain circumstances
#20160215.10 Bug      Ability to edit footers on printed schedules
#20160128.9   Bug      Unable to cancel item for partially invoiced line/item
#20160215.13 Bug      Time Summary Report including wrong week under Period 1
#20160208.2   Bug      KB Default tab change
#20160211.22 Bug      Add link to calendar schedule email template **detail** tag to core object
#20160126.11 Bug      Removing a line from a quote issue
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PSA accounting integration

  • 3 minute read

One of the commonest questions we get asked is “What accounting integration do you support?” or “Does it integrate with XYZ?”

The answer is, regrettably, not a simple one.  However, with that lack of simplicity comes the flexibility for our customers to adopt one of a range of different accounting integration solutions to suit their needs.  Also, we have made each option as simple to adopt as possible, allowing customers to increase their level of integration over time alongside their increasing confidence and at each stage derive additional benefits.

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How much functionality do you REALLY need from your PSA solution?

  • 3 minute read
There has been much discussion recently around the depth of PSA functionality MSPs really need. With recent acquisitions by RMM solutions of relatively simple, lower-functionality PSA tools, the argument being made is that MSPs just need a very simple core of operational and billing tools to run their businesses.
If all the work a company does is on a simple monthly cycle, whether on a time and materials basis, or through a monthly re-pay scheme, the simpler PSA software is fine.
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What's the best PSA software to buy?

  • 2 minute read


What is the best PSA software you can buy if you run a small to medium sized company with offices in more than one country?

It’s a challenge, the SAAS market does not really support your type of business.  You will probably end up buying multiple local single country solutions and implementing a separate consolidation ledger and/or MIS platform to bring it all back-together.

Well, now there is a solution directly targeted at your needs; HarmonyPSA global enterprise. 

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