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Amazing Integrations #4 : Connecting HarmonyPSA to your Xero online accounting software

  • 3 minute read

Welcome back to our series of blogs highlighting integrations with HarmonyPSA that will help streamline your workflow and boost team productivity.

In Amazing Integrations #4 I'll be taking a look at how you can integrate HarmonyPSA with your Xero online account, taking you step by step through how you can export invoices and import payments.

Before you start, you will need to have Xero set up in Harmony as your accounting package, you can check this in Setup>System>Financial Settings.

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5 ways to pay for PSA software

  • 3 minute read

“What’s the business case for implementing an enterprise PSA tool?”  That’s a question that comes up frequently in our customer interactions.  Sometimes it’s phased as: “Why should I spend money on your software?” Another flavour is “How much money will I save if I use your software?”

Well, obviously each situation is different but to help demonstrate benefits of PSA I'll use a worked example that places monetary values on the typical things you can do to both improve revenues and/or save money.

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