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Improve your customer response time with Harmony's new automatic status updates on tickets

  • 1 minute read

Did you know you can now have automatic status updates when comments are added to a ticket? Use this new functionality to stay on top of your tickets' statuses, you'll be able to get issues resolved more rapidly and accelerate your ticket closure rate.

Firstly, you need to set up the different statuses for the workflow in Set up>Tickets>Statuses, then within the set up of your ticket workflows, in "Operations" role under Set up>Tickets>Workflows:

1. Select and click edit in the workflow to which you want to add the status updates
2. Scroll down the the bottom of the page
3. Here you can see the "Status Change Due To Comment Rules"

4. If you click edit you will be able to add multiple rules which are actioned depending upon the three different comment types, by customer, by user Private and by user Public and per comment type. You are able to note status "From" and "To"

e.g. comment update by customer = from "New" to "Customer Responded"
5. This allows you to set up multiple rules for each workflow you have saving you time.
This means that you can now set Harmony up so that when a customer responds to a particular type of ticket it will change the status from "New" to "Customer Responded".  However, you need to make sure that in your workflow design, tickets that are in status "New" are able to move to "Customer Responded".
Now, if you set up a filter on your list of tickets to show all tickets in status "Customer Responded", you will then be able to make sure that you are able to respond quickly to all customer updates, in turn improving your customer response time.
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Improved Prepayments

  • 1 minute read

Since we started talking to MSP’s, the topic of prepaid time and materials comes up as a recurring theme.  Everyone has their own unique flavour of prepaid contract, many even consider this their USP.

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