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Improve your handover from sales to service delivery

  • 2 minute read

A prompt and thorough handover from sales reps to service team is critical to the first impression your business makes with a new client.  The sale is made, the contract signed. Now all you need to do is deliver. Make the right impression and provide excellent customer service in the first few weeks and months with a new client and you will set the stage for a long and profitable relationship.  However, mess it up and your investment in the sale may not pay off.

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1.40 Release Notes

  • 5 minute read


Hi All Release 1.40 is being rolled out globally over the next few days. This is main changes in this release involve tickets. Things to watch out for in particular are:

  • Standard Responses - You can now configure a list of standard ticket responses you can select from to include in your ticket comments. These support the following feature:
  • Dynamic Tags - Email smart tags are now much much smarter. You can create your own tags for virtually anything.
  • Ticket Comment ViewEntry - This is improved so that long comments such as email content are collapsed by default so less scrolling. You will also see the Avatar for whoever entered the comment next to the comment. You knew there was going to be a reason to upload your Avatar!
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The solution to billing in days

  • 2 minute read

One of the interesting cultural differences we have noticed between the US and the UK is in the treatment of billable time, in particular the time currency of charge rates.

In the US, technology businesses traditionally operate time and materials contracts expressing rates in hours while in the UK, day-rates are more frequently used.

In this, our American cousins have the simpler problem to solve when it comes to billing because there is a simple relationship between the time worked and the time billed.  All that needs to be considered is the minimum fraction of an hour that is worth billing.  More sophisticated time recording systems may introduce the concept of “first fraction and later fractions” to bulk up time charges to a reasonable minimum quantity as no one wants to be billed for 3 ½ minutes, but nevertheless the problem remains relatively straightforward.

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Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • 2 minute read

The challenge for most busy tech businesses is two-fold. Firstly, deciding which data to track and, secondly, figuring out how to capture and present the data in a way which is easy to analyse without the whole process eating too much time.

Of course, every business is different and your set of KPIs must match your specific business goals. However, we have found for the majority of IT service providers there are three key areas to measure, workforce efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial measures.

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Customer profitability, the holy grail of business analysis?

  • 1 minute read
  People we speak to frequently talk about the need to understand customer profitability. Getting this right on a reliable basis is not straightforward, it takes a little pre-planning, discipline and the right support from the control solution.

But before we go into the how, we should clarify the what.  Firstly, instead of profitability, we tend to talk about contribution.  Going back to the 80’s, you can find a wonderful exposé of cost accounting call the Peanut Rack (  This explains that once cost accountants get involved, nothing is ever simple.

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